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Her seminars have given thousands the winning edge. Now Estes--whose clients include GE and Ford--shows how to turn winning sales into increased profits and satisfied customers. Reveals the secret of "consultive selling" and how to create repeat business.
Lou Sepulveda C.P.P. is a 36 year sales and sales management veteran in the security alarm business. Lou sold security systems belly-to-belly to literally thousands of happy customers. In this book Lou shares his vast security sales knowledge to assist new and experienced security salespeople achieve record sales performance. Learn how prospect for sales leads, deliver a polished presentation guaranteed to sell, and close more sales. Lou exposes the top objections security salespeople face and more importantly, exactly how to answer the objections sales pros face in a professional non-threatening way. Learn twelve closes that will insure you close more sales. Lou has trained security professionals in every state in the United States as well as in thirty countries around the world.
The Sales Pro delivers advanced, highly effective techniques in a format that is innovative, original and powerful in its ability to be quickly and easily understood. Interactive review exercises can be tailored to your own sales cycle and market and reveal the proven sales techniques of the highest-paid professionals. These include establishing results-based objectives for every call and using open-ended questions to move the sale forward. Exercises reinforce how a sales pro: --Focuses on the law of numbers --Completes customized and dynamic winning presentations --Maneuvers customer objections --Creates a platform that naturally leads to closing the sale --Establishes differentiation to eliminate competition --Positions customer buying criteria to close the sale --Identifies major players, influencers and decision makers --Develops new business opportunities These proven strategies will transform you into a pro in no time!
Learn the secrets that the professionals use to sell their homes for the highest amount without any stress!
Praise for Trade Like a Pro "Noble's commitment to the individual trader is exactly what traders need during these volatile times. He has knowledge that spans across markets and is worldwide. He is a valued contributor to the community, and this book further demonstrates his dedication to educating traders and helping them become more successful." —Lane J. Mendelsohn, Publisher, "In a time when, on a global level, important things are happening to the financial industry, when new profit opportunities as well as risks are revealed, the book Trade Like a Pro offers a complete picture concerning the risk administration techniques." —Teodor Ancuta, President and General Manager, Sibiu Stock Exchange "Trade Like a Pro is a comprehensive presentation of all the basic trading strategies that belongs in every investor's library. Whether your specialty is futures, options, or stocks—or, for that matter, a combination of all three—you will find yourself going back to this valuable reference guide again and again. Everything rings true. Moreover, the author gives you the pros and cons of each respective strategy without imposing his own point of view. Well researched and presented." —George Angell, author of Small Stocks for Big Profits and Winning in the Futures Market "Armed with good intentions, most new traders are unaware of the realities involved. Although there is often the belief among novice traders that profitability will be easy, the evidence strongly suggests otherwise. In his new book, Trade Like a Pro: 15 High-Profit Trading Strategies, Noble DraKoln offers a thoughtful approach to making the transition from unsuccessful retail trader to the arena of the professional, which is imperative for lasting success as a trader." —Ron Rossway, President, Denver Trading Group
Insider Secrets is a comprehensive guide to a successful real estate career. Clear and concise, it contains the basics for new agents, insights For The more experienced agent and help from the pros. Just a few of the secrets you will learn: How to make everyone you meet a potential client for life. How to become a phenomenal problem solver putting you in the top 20% of high producers. How to stay off the roller coaster of inconsistent sales and earn hundreds of thousands year after year. The Cynda Sells Real Estate Group has continued to grow, consistently earning six figures For The last 15 years. As a top listing agent, broker and team leader, Cynda has shared her expertise by training and mentoring hundreds of agents, helping them to have successful real estate careers. The Cynda Sells team has consisted of her three children, two buyers agents and a transaction coordinator. They currently are with Keller Williams Realty and sell real estate in both Missouri and Kansas. Cynda will tell you that she has a love affair with real estate. She loves her clients, fellow agents and business associates and gives back to them whenever she can by using her skills and experience to teach and empower them to be the best they can be.
A small investment that will save you thousands of dollars! Simple, wise, practical, and thoughtful insights--straight to the point, no-nonsense. This is what best describes this book. A must-read guidebook for all HDB owners, this book is especially written for every owner who wants to sell their HDB flat--regardless if you want to sell it on your own or if you engaged an agent to do the job. If you have engaged an agent, please ask your agent to buy this book for you. This book is also useful for new real estate agents or even experienced agents who are not familiar with HDB transactions. If you are attempting to sell your flat on your own, do read this book even before you make your first move. It will save you time and money and lots of heartache. Eight Easy Steps to Sell Your Own HDB Flat 1. Checking Your Eligibility and Financial Calculation 2. Marketing Your Flat 3. Answering Enquiries 4. Dress Up Your Flat 5. Showtime 6. Negotiation and Closing Techniques 7. Paperwork and Submission 8. HDB Appointments

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