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Do you remember when you had that feeling of butterflies, that instant sexual chemistry and the joy of falling in love? Now do you remember getting married and forgetting what any of that feels like? Resigned to a life of birthday sex and children slowly draining your bank account? This hilarious book depicts both the early stages of love and attraction, and the laugh out loud realities of being married. Not all bad, but certainly all funny.
A festively funny cartoon collection by Whyatt. Have you drunk too much and fallen asleep on the sofa? Have you eaten your weight in food and had to undo the button on your trousers? Are you stuck with a certain family member you've been avoiding all year? Yes, it's... Christmas! The festive time is finally here and what better way to depict the good humour of Christmas than Tim Whyatt's Senior Moments: Christmas. Filled with hilarious illustrations this is a book that will have you laughing around the Christmas table. See a side to Santa you never new, snowmen with a sense of humour and of course the priceless, festive family moments we all love.
From the author of Can't Remember Sh*t, here is a new trade paper original of all the things she forgot to put in the first book. Plus, this one has a softer, gentler title that many people won't be embarrassed to give to their parents! From coming to grips with new-fangled technology to forgetting your best friend's name, Senior Moments explores the whole spectrum of annoyances that befall us as we go gray at the temples, add a few inches to the mid-section, and can never remember what day of the week it is. Comprised of the experiences of everyone from politicians to TV talking heads, from the famous to the infamous (and everyone in-between), Senior Moments is crammed full of advice, anecdotes, confessions, quotes, tips, and excuses – and does it all without straining its back.
Have you ever referred to your oldest and closest friend as 'Thingy'? Reached the top of the landing, only to realize that you have no idea why you came upstairs in the first place? Congratulations - or commiserations - you've had your first senior moment! Fear not, for help is at hand. The Book of Senior Moments introduces the reader to a wonderful collection of these little passages, drawn from the experiences of everyone from politicians to pundits. It includes exit strategies for when you've been ambushed by your memory, as well as tips on how to avoid getting ambushed in the first place. Part guide, part humorous overview, and crammed with advice, examples, anecdotes, confessions, tips, retorts and excuses, this is an absolutely essential book for anyone growing long in the tooth and short of memory.
Gentle humorist Karen O'Connor highlights the sunny side of senior life, including - the funny ways children reveal God's blessings, - the laughter in love, and - the missteps in new and old adventures. God is with you every step of the way, and these vignettes full of character and wit prove it.
Senior Moments with the Bible presents brief daily devotionals based on scripture for senior adults whose life pace has slowed but who still enjoy hearing or reading lessons from the Bible. Also, families, ministers, and caregivers will find the book helpful in ministering to their senior loved ones. The book emphasizes the special role seniors now have in Gods service and encourages them to rely each day upon Gods presence and his provision for their needs.

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