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Learn deliciously authentic Korean cooking, from traditional Korean favorites to modern recipes including Seoul-Style fusion. Food writer Naomi Imatome-Yun grew up in the American suburbs helping her Korean grandmother cook Korean classics and has spent over 15 years helping Korean Americans and non-Korean Americans alike discover how easy and delectable authentic Korean cooking can be. Seoul Food Korean Cooking includes: 135 step-by-step recipes for Korean barbecue, kimchi, and more, including Sliced Barbecued Beef (bulgogi) like mom used to make and those Spicy Stir-Fried Rice Cakes (tteokbokki) you loved on your trip to Korea Special chapters for Korean bar food (anju) like Pork Bone Soup (gamjatang) and fusion favorites like Army Base Stew (budae chigae) An overview of Korean cooking and fun tidbits on food customs, table manners, and restaurant dining tips Detailed lists of kitchen essentials, pantry staples, and Korean cooking ingredients, with photos and shopping resources to aid the home chef
With simple steps and easy-to-find ingredients, learn how to cook some of Korea's specialities including bulgogi, bibimbap, Korean barbeque, drumsticks, seafood pancake, kimchi and green tea loaves. Chung Jae shows how easy cooking Korean food can be from party food and mains, to sweets, sauces and sides - this is food you will love to share with friends.
The world's most comprehensive, well documented, and well illustrated book on soy in Korea. With extensive index and 80 photographs and illustration. Free of charge in digital format on Google Books
No tsunami ever recorded on earth was as strong as the Korean Wave, which left a great impact on anyone who was hit by it. It was so strong that South Korea's influence, as we know it, has already had a huge effect all over the world. Their influence has waved through Asia, Europe, and America. It seems that there is no stopping them anytime soon. Korean Wave or K-wave is most popular for K-pop music and K-drama series. People who listen and watch them started to love anything K, including the beautiful country's bold and colorful cuisine. Why not? The local cuisine is as interesting as its entertainment offerings. Makes us want to book a one-way ticket to Seoul just to eat them all day every day. No dollars to spare for travel? We got you covered. This Korean cookbook will satisfy your curiosity for popular K-food that is a staple at Seoul's top tourist destinations. You'll learn how to cook them on your own with easy to follow instructions. Plus, we already prepared trivia bits on the places where you will most likely eat them. That's assuming you finally get a chance to travel to South Korea.
A collection of more than 175 recipes for authentic Korean dishes, many of which were passed down through the author's family for generations.
Learn to make Korean kimchee with this easy-to-use Korean cookbook. Korea's favorite food - kimchee - is not simply a side dish. Made by pickling vegetables and other foods, adding seasonings and allowing the mixture to mature, it is the country's national dish. Based on the Asian theory of Yin and Yang, kimchee expresses Korean Cosmology in its highest form, in fact to a Korean, to eat kimchee is to become one with the universe. This cookbook catalogues over 80 recipes for all seasons. Recipes include: Traditional whole cabbage kimchee Cubed radish kimchee Cucumber kimchee King scallion kimchee Swiss chard kimchee Stuffed kimchee Korean watercress juicy kimchee Octopus kimchee And many more! Sumptuous photographs illustrate the dishes and substitutes are offered for hard-to-find or specifically Korean ingredients. Tips on preparation and a historical and cultural over-view of the dish make for a comprehensive insight into Korean cuisine and culture.
"A master class in the art of ramen, this comprehensive book provides a fascinating overview of the global history and culture of the dish, from its early start to modern-day interpretations. Ramen Obsession will also teach you how to make a wide array of ramen broths, salty tare sauces, aromatic oils, authentic noodles, and vibrantly assorted toppings--all from scratch"--

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