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SharePoint Online from Scratch gives hands-on instructions on how to practically make use of a SharePoint tenant for an organization, or parts thereof. It is almost entirely no-code. Even if SharePoint Online from Scratch primarily is a handbook, explanations on how SharePoint works are mixed into the instructions. SharePoint Online is an ever changing platform, so the author's aim is to give a deeper understanding of how to take advantage of SharePoint at the same time as giving practical advice.
The detailed step by step instructions in "SharePoint Online Exercises" are intended for administrators, content creators and other SharePoint power users who already know the very basics of SharePoint but want to be able to create customized apps for their organizations. By working with the exercises, students will learn to create solutions for common business processes and practise many things that are useful to manage in SharePoint. An intranet with three subsites and some pages and apps is created in the first chapter. In the continuation this intranet is enhanced with various apps and solutions, like a phone messages list, various library templates, a workflow for e-mail alerts, solutions for resource reservation and projects management and more. "SharePoint Online Exercises" may very well be used in combination with "SharePoint Online from Scratch" by the same author, for a more comprehensive learning. However, "SharePoint Online Exercises" can also be used independently.

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