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Cheeks, Bubble Gum Boy, and Stuart sat on Dizzy’s couch, their faces expressionless. They had been sitting there, motionless for over an hour. It was now 7:00 pm. Cheeks was starting to get hungry, and Stuart’s mole was starting to itch. Bubble Gum Boy’s gum had lost its flavor. When would Dizzy’s grandmother get there?
She’s fighting to protect everything she cares about. He can’t resist a damsel in distress. But he has no idea how high the cost will be if they fail. Clovis Honeybun is working undercover to catch an assassin targeting his uncle, Senator Brick Honeybun. But his search is waylaid when he spots a pretty woman being mistreated by a guy who looks a lot like his target. Going rogue on a dangerous hunch, Clovis plunges down a trail that might be the right direction but the wrong bad guy. Ultimately, Clovis discovers he could have to choose between saving the woman burrowing her way into his heart, or a man he’s loved and respected since he was old enough to crawl.
Presents a moving portrait of a man named Luthie, who leads a squadron of young men into the skies above England during the Battle of Britain and contemplates the perplexities of being a just man in a just war.
Love can be Hell…especially in Hell Indiana! Edric Honeybun is in Hell, Indiana on Halloween, doing research for his latest book in a haunted hotel. His brothers and their honeys decide to join him and make an adventure out of it. During this holiday in Hell, Edric fully expects to do some research, enjoy a few laughs over non-existent "ghosts", and debunk local superstitions about the Le Diablo hotel. What he doesn't expect is to bump up against a flesh and blood killer, fall in love with a beautiful witch, and come face to plasma with a surprise in the local cemetery.
Going native can be a risky business! When Godric Honeybun decides to portray a Native American in a war reenactment weekend, he doesn’t expect to run into his own, personal Indian princess on the battlefield. Much to his amazement, when someone tries to kill her, he quickly discovers his inner warrior as he fights to keep her safe.
Chasing a Conspiracy is a true story pertaining to the author and his maternal and paternal family. It’s an exciting book to read. The manuscript has captivated the attention of twenty proofreaders. It talks about his maternal grandfather who was born after the Civil War in 1865. His nickname was Pi, who was born in Dothan, Alabama. Pi’s parents were successful free slaves. One day, while in the woods, he killed four white thugs in self-defense and fled from the state. Pi was a courageous rebel and was a very talented gifted person. He was a teenager when he fled Alabama and did not ever have contact with his parents. He was afraid to return because of the Klan. That is the beginning of the first conspiracy in this book. He was illiterate but was a genius when it came to wildlife and living in the woods. He became a Jack-of-all-trades. He traveled to Florida and circled back to Georgia. In 1897, he got married to my grandmother who was twelve years old. They resided in the country of Leary, Georgia, which is about forty-five miles east of Dothan, Alabama. My grandmother nick name was Mi, and all of their children had a nickname, which was used in the book. After that incident in the woods, Pi never trusted or liked white folks. He had a bad taste for them, but he gave them utmost respect. However, if one crossed him the wrong way, he was hard to handle. Have an open mind when you read about him, and your mind might just get captivated. All of the characters are interesting to read about. The book talks about Pompano Beach, Florida, and Blanche Ely High School, which is on the East Coast about twenty miles north of Miami. The school was opened during the segregation era when blacks could not attend school on the white community. It was named after the principal. The town and school are famous and known all over the nation. The late actress and celebrity, Ester Rolle, who played as Florida was from this town. The name of her televised show was Good Times. The professional basketball player, Eddie Jones, was a product of the school and town. The school was nationally known for its sports and academics. During the early 2000, Ely had produced more professional athletes than any school in the nation. They were number one in America. Chasing a Conspiracy relates to the author when he attended school as a gifted student who was a genius in mathematics. He made a perfect score on every math test, and after eighth grade was exempted from taking any math exams. He did not have any mentors. Transcripts reflect that the author was the number one student until his senior year. During his sophomore year as a student, he would be absent from school on Mondays and Fridays. He went to school three days per week and continued to excel on his exams. The principal and dean of boys did not like him and he did not like them. During his senior year, the SAT was given in the library. He missed taking a fourth of the test because of arriving late to school. As a student, he was allowed to take the last three-fourths of the SAT. The principal and dean were happy because he would not make the highest score. The author had taken an academic aptitude test for scholars in Florida and made the highest score among all black students. He was awarded full-time scholarships to Howard University and Morehouse College and chose not to attend college. The last theory is when the principal, dean, and secretary put their pens and paper against the student. It was during his senior year when the student’s grades were changed and falsified to prevent him from becoming the number one student.
Love has a funny way of knocking the wheels right out from under you! Sexy Indy car racer Warwicke Honeybun isn’t looking for love. But when he stumbles upon a beautiful woman being abused by a fellow driver one night, he wastes no time delivering a painful message to the man abusing her. Unfortunately, the man turns up dead the next day and the woman shows up on Warwicke’s doorstep covered in blood. Warwicke’s life gets eminently more complicated as he fights to protect her while working to clear her name; knowing all the while that she’s one of his fiercest competitors on the track.
She’s hiding from a psychopath. He’s hiding from life. Will they survive to find love? Depressed by injuries that have sidelined his career, Heathcliffe Honeybun heads to a Dude Ranch for some "alone" time. But the ranch’s pretty activities director isn’t about to let him mope. And if her charms don’t keep him interested, Nita’s dark and dangerous past most certainly will. Especially when it looks like Heathcliffe has a killer’s target on his back.
My first book is like a journal of the day-to-day events that occurred in the family while I and others cared for my father, mother and brother since 2010. This is not a memoir. This is a true life journal. The stories are real. The people are still living except my brother who passed away May 25, 2013.
The past decade has seen the medium of comics reach unprecedented heights of critical acclaim and commercial success. Comics & Media reflects that, bringing together an amazing array of contributors--creators and critics alike--to discuss the state, future, and potential of the medium. Loaded with full-color reproductions of work by such legends as R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Alison Bechdel, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, and Lynda Barry, the book addresses the place of comics in both a contemporary and historical context. Essays by such high-profile figures as Tom Gunning, N. Katherine Hayles, Patrick Jagoda, and W. J. T. Mitchell address a stunning range of topics, including the place of comics in the history of aesthetics, changes to popular art forms, digital humanities, and ongoing tensions between new and old media. The result is a substantial step forward for our understanding of what comics are and can be, and the growing place they hold in our culture.
At an exclusive girls' boarding school, a sixteen-year-old girl records her most intimate thoughts in a diary. The object of her obsession is her room-mate, Lucy Blake, and Lucy's friendship with their new and disturbing classmate. Ernessa is a mysterious presence with pale skin and hypnotic eyes. Around her swirl dark secrets and a series of ominous disasters. As fear spreads through the school, fantasy and reality mingle into a waking nightmare of gothic menace, fuelled by the lusts and fears of adolescence. And at the centre of the diary is the question that haunts all who read it: Is Ernessa really a vampire? Or is the narrator trapped in her own fevered imagination?
These Honeybuns are sugar free, but hot enough to burn! Surprised into hiding in a men's room stall at work, Angie Peterson, owner of the Dunk and Run Coffee Shoppe, overhears two men talking about killing someone named Alastair Honeybun. Picturing a frail, helpless old Englishman, Angie rushes to warn him. There’s only one, small problem, Alastair Honeybun is six foot two inches of yummy man, who's perfectly capable of taking care of himself. But when the thugs show up while Angie's still there, they soon figure out they'll need to take care of each other.
Rockabilly, a musical designation coined by Billboard magazine in the mid–1950s, is a rambunctious rhythmic style combining the liveliest elements of country, gospel, and rhythm and blues. Popularized by such performers as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Ricky Nelson, rockabilly has been a major influence on the music of Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen (among many others). This book captures the essence of life on the road and in the recording studio through interviews with many of rockabilly’s foremost artists. Among those sharing their experiences are Jerry Allison and Sonny Curtis of the Crickets, Sonny Burgess, Wanda Jackson, Glen Glenn, the Collins Kids, Charlie Gracie and Deke Dickerson. Also included are several rare publicity photos.
Having taken on a media relations position with the Yavapai County Police Department, Ali Reynolds' first time out on the job is trial by fire. When a brand new housing estate goes up in flames, everyone hopes that the unfinished, unoccupied homes will yield no victims. But one woman is found barely alive and beyond recognition. For months she lies in a medically-induced coma, unclaimed and unidentified. When she finally awakes, badly disfigured and with no clue as to who she is or where she came from, she faces a bleak future. The victim faces even worse news when she's diagnosed with terminal cancer, and her quest to discover her identity takes on even greater urgency. In her new role, Ali Reynolds is called upon to grant the dying woman's final wishes: to find the people who saved her life - and the people who tried to kill her.
This story is sure to inspire and give you faith in Gods work. In this story, you will find that Deborah found that God did hear her prayers. As she learns how to be patient while she gets acquainted with her new-found friend who is her witty inner voice. As she stumbles up on her spiritual cell phone that gives her a direct line to God; and into her divine gifts that have been given to all of us. However, as she goes through Dannys Trauma, she started to wonder where God is. And after searching for answers and praying and crying for God to bring her out of this awful storm shes in. She learned to be still and the Great Teacher, whom God, is will always be silent during a test. She learns some very valuable lessons during the test, and that is that every test is a lesson, and every lesson is a test, and you must be quiet and still for both to pass. Especially when the storms of life are raging, and God does something extraordinary our faith is tested. Sitting and thinking of nothing more encouraging than to look back and think about the things God has done, things that only he could do. Particularly, on April 11th 2011, the day of my Dannys Trauma!!!
Their first “date” involved a bit of the bubbly, some dancing, and a fiery rocket thundering by overhead. Unfortunately, their second “date” was worse. Alfric thought the pretty lady with the startling blue eyes was working with the terrorists. But when those same terrorists tried to kill them both, Alfric realized he didn’t have a clue. Pleasance knew she shouldn’t try to save the auburn-haired heart-throb when he rolled his car while chasing her. But she couldn’t quite equate the man she’d been told wanted to hurt her, with the guy who’d just crashed his fancy car to keep from killing some coyote pups. It was inevitable. The moment they shared the same sphere, the form of bullets, rockets and incendiary devices...exploded. Now all they had to do was survive long enough to find out if the feelings they didn’t seem able to deny would grow into something that would last. “I thoroughly enjoyed this witty, romantic, electrifying read. The pace of this book was fantastic and the adventure grabbed my attention from the start. I will definitely be adding this author to my must-read list.” ~The Romance Studio “Sam Cheever creates some of the best characters you could ever find in the pages of a book. The Honeybun brothers are incredibly sexy and loyal. Everyone would want one for their very own. Any book by Sam Cheever is entertainment at its best.” Get your copy now and start your own Honeybun adventure! And remember, when you’re done with this one, there are 7 more brothers to enjoy.
In 1972 Abbie Ross’s cosmopolitan parents move the family from London to rural North Wales, exchanging a town house in Islington for a remote farmhouse on a hill. Abbie’s Liverpudlian grandparents – dedicated followers of Liberace, sleek in scented mohair and patent leather – are sure they’ve lost their minds. For Abbie, though, the only cloud on the horizon is the nearby hippy commune and its inhabitants. There are worrying signs that this is the sort of ‘better life’ that her parents have in mind. Brilliantly evoking a particular time and place, Abbie’s memoir re-creates a world of dens and pineapple chunks, of John Craven’s Newsround and fishing for sticklebacks – and the joy but also the burning powerlessness of being a child. Disgusted by her father’s ‘yogic flying’ and her mother’s taste for brown bread and billowing cheesecloth (with no bra), Abbie is desperate not to be different. Far better, she thinks, to fit in with shouting, pathologically nosy Sara across the fields,or stay close to Philip next door – paralysingly shy and with a preference for orange food and no trousers (‘nice to have a bit of air’) ... Rich with detail that reveals a whole world, Hippy Dinners is very funny and full of heart. It is also a delicate and astute portrait of the brutal realities of ‘a simple life’.
The author of Feather Crowns examines the girl detective in her various guises--including Cherry Ames, Nancy Drew, and Trixie Belden--in a work first published in 1975 recalling a rural youth spent longing for mysteries. Reprint. UP.

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