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From the publishers of Motorcycle Consumer News, Shifting Gears at 50 is a one-of-a-kind motorcycling manual for returning and late-entry riders, essentially anyone 40 years old and up who’s looking to hit the road on two wheels. Author Philip Buonpastore, a motorcycle journalist and retired US Air Force photographer, helps readers gear up to get back on a motorcycle (or get on one for the first time). In Part 1, “Becoming a Motorcyclist,” Buonpastore discusses the basics of buying the right bike, gear, and equipment and getting the bike up to speed. The book continues with a good overview of learning to ride, the importance of taking a road course, venturing out on the first ride, and extending rides to long-distance jaunts. Throughout Part 1 are sidebars by riding- safety instructor and expert Walt Fulton, offering sound advice on safety precautions and execution for every leg of the new and returning rider’s journey. The author emphasizes what older riders should be aware of and which factors can affect their rides. Adding lots of great firsthand advice are humorous and helpful stories collected by the author and related by returning riders at various ages, from their late 30s to 60s. In Part 2, Buonpastore shares five of his favorite travelogues covering his long-distance tours around the US, from the American South to the west coasts. This section is illustrated by over 100 of the author’s breathtaking photographs of the various locations he toured on his bike. The foreword to the book is provided by best-selling motorcycle author David Hough (author of I-5 Press’s Proficient Motorcycling and Mastering the Ride). Hough writes, “If you’re getting into today’s motorcycling at an age your doctor would describe as ‘middle aged’ or ‘senior,’ do you yourself a clever favor and read Phil’s book.”
September 11- A day that in someway has either directly or indirectly changed everone in America’s (if not the world’s) way of life. Whether it is a person’s sense of security, travel plans, outlook on life, or the way they view their family, 9/11, as they call it, changed us all, including me. But my 9/11 didn’t happen in 2001, it happened exactly two years earlier in 1999. With September 11 being my birthday, I received a unique “present” on that day that changed my life. It was then that I fi rst realized that life wasn’t the fairytale world that I thought it was. As I saw my world crumble down, I had no choice but to turn a negative into a positive. Remembering the advice from a person whom I had never met telling me to believe in myself, never give up, and to never take the easy way out, I knew that I could battle through anything and win in the long run. Little did I know, that “present” was the opening to my future and to my life’s goal that I was out to achieve.
My fore-father Vikings arrived in North America in ships like this one over 300 years before Columbus and you'll find the historic facts in this book. I arrived in a more modern vessel. My son Earl S. Jenshus designed both the cover, showing a likeness of "our Stavangerford" and the back page. He is an international known graphic artist. Reading these pages you may learn a little Hawaiian, learn how to shoot birds on the wing, train dogs, buy the "pick-of-the-litter", shotgun safety. How to make money investing in real estate and how to look at the similarities of languages instead of the differences. You can learn how to hypnotize chicken! More useful might be the secret of how to pronounce a-multi-syllable word the first time you see it (!) and how to have a long and happy marriage in the process. It covers 80 plus years of living on two continents, 50+ of them in different states in the USA, starting as a penniless immigrant in Brooklyn N.Y., working in different fields before I found my niche in sales. Including as well are hundreds of years of history, part of which I have actually lived and more still of what I have learned being an avid reader since early childhood.
With increasing fiscal challenges in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, multilateral surveillance of fiscal developments, a key part of the IMF's surveillance responsibilities, has gained further importance. In response, the Fiscal Monitor was launched in 2009 to survey and analyze the latest public finance developments, update fiscal implications of the crisis and medium-term fiscal projections, and assess policies to put public finances on a sustainable footing. The Fiscal Monitor is prepared twice a year by the IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department. Its projections are based on the same database used for the IMF's World Economic Outlook (WEO) and Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR).
A year-long bicycle trip full of highs and lows that changed Al from a shy, introverted country girl into an outgoing, self-assured world traveler.
Changing Gears is the journal of a research-travel odyssey undertaken in eastern Greece and western Turkey during summer, 1984. Fieldwork was conducted on the Greek islands of Lesbos, Limnos, and Chios and along the adjacent Turkish coast from the Dardanelles south to Kusadasi as well as a challenging journey from the village of Troezen through the mountainous Peloponnesus of southeastern Greece to Athens, a route traveled by the Greek hero, Theseus. Included are illustrations and descriptions of ancient Argos, Athens, Corinth, Eleusis, Epidaurus, Isthmia, Marathon, Megara, Mycenae, Tiryns, and Troezen in Greece; and Ephesus, Pergamum, Sardis, Smyrna, and Troy in Turkey.

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