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The perfect place to begin your practice of yogic worship. Lord Shiva is the Consciousness of Infinite Goodness, and his five letter mantra makes His puja an excellent starting point for first time Sanskrit chanters. Pu means merit and ja means to give birth. Puja is that which gives birth to merit, and in our tradition the highest merit is the privilege to sit in the presence of God. Puja is an ancient system of worship designed to guide the mind to this experience. This book contains all the elements for a proper puja, including Shiva's meditation, mantras for the articles of worship, His one hundred and eight names, arati, and the Shiva Calisa. All mantras are presented with the original Sanskrit, Roman transliteration, and English translation. Also included is a guide to Sanskrit pronunciation.
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Accompanies the exhibition presented at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, April 17-July 31, 2016.
Volume 27, numbers 4 of The Divine Cool Breeze magazine, originally published in 2014. This special issue contains the words of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi concerning the meaning of puja. Also included: To Be Seaworthy, Shiva Tattwa, Accept the Present, Seven Essential Talks, All That We Are Promised.
This helps to share knowledge on the Vedic Science, Philosophy, and Spiritual Wisdom that are hard to decode embedded in Vedas. This is a perfect blend of dharma, karma, divinity, belief, philosophy, literature, science, mathematics, technology, social sciences, morals, etc. with many scientific theories explained unfolding myths and mysteries! A must for everyone to share" Elixir of Truth.." Sivkishen, Author I recommend this book to everyone. It is believed that a mere glance at Sri Chakra gives the result of performing hundred Vedic rituals then what if the goddess is Meditated upon, Praised and Glorified as purest form of Consciousness! This book does exactly that!" - Karuna Gopal, President, Futuristic Cities, HYDERABAD, INDIA "A must-read for anyone who wants to learn about the true way of life, this book provides right orientation and knowledge to face the challenges of life by aligning them of valuable life" - Prof. S.P. Garg, on selection panel of IBPS, Banks, Financial Institutions and Faculty for Management Institutes, Jaipur. India Kingdom of Shiva is book on authentic Mythological classic epic stories is 'Amazing Vedic Epic the one'. This is Eastern Wisdom a must to have at least one." Prof. Surendera Kala, Ex-ICLS, Ex-Director ICSI Presently Visiting Professor Strategic Management at Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, India Kingdom of Shiva, illustrates that only a clear mind and heart may spark bright ideas. It motivates the reader not to just dream but believe in the self and face every challenge of life with courage and unshaken faith in oneself. A must read for all of us."- Shanti Singh, B. Com LLB, Director, Vidyadayani Junior and Degree College for Women, Hyderabad India Kingdom of Shiva is an Excellent Creative Work of Kishenji! I will term it Eastern Law of Attraction! A must to have at least one!" - Rachel Lander, Entrepreneur, Management Consulting. UK
Balkrishna Pandey’s Sai Baba’s 261 Leelas is a handy compendium or, as he calls it, an aide-mémoire of 261 miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba, intended for the devotees. Culled from a number of sources, he has obtained stories from the often hard to find books like Narasimha Swami’s biography of Sri Sai Baba, and decades-old copies of the Sai Leela journal. The author does not try and interpret the miracles but lets the reader realise the universal message for himself. In today’s busy world, this work offers a shortcut for daily devotion, offering the reader a quick manual to peruse, ponder or meditate upon Sai Baba’s micraculous leelas while waiting for a bus or to fill any spare moment --- Dr Marianne Warren ,Author of Unravelling the Enigma: Shirdi Sai Baba in the Light of Sufism This book puts together the authentic and pithy miracles of Sai. All that was verifiable within the first twenty years of the 20th century, directly related to the Saint’s life has been arranged under scintillating titles, all 261 of them. The readers cannot but be deeply moved by the sentiments of devotion projected by Balkrishna Panday in his writing titled Sai Baba’s 261 Leelas.
Explains what happens when Hindus worship in the mandir including how they greet and take gifts for the "murtis" of gods and goddesses, and how the priest performs the "aarti" ceremony. Suggested level: junior, primary.
On the symbolic forms of Siva and Siva worship.
A fascinating look at women’s rituals honoring the god Krishna.
"Insight guides" er reisehåndbøker som skal gi historisk og kulturell forståelse for stedene som skal besøkes. De er kjent for dyptpløyende artikler om kultur, religion, mat, severdigheter osv., og er illustrert med flotte fargefotografier.
Focusing on the group labelled `Indians′ in Melaka, Malaysia, this book discusses the social, cultural and linguistic diversity in the context of perceived need to create a basis for collective identity and action in an ethnically plural polity. David James Mearns argues that the very richness of Hinduism means that a cultural and cosmological repertoire of wide proportions is available to unite and divide the population.
India, 1955. As the scars of Partition are beginning to heal, seventeen-year-old Meera sits enraptured: in the spotlight is Dev, singing a song so infused with passion that it arouses in her the first flush of erotic longing. But when Meera's reverie comes true, it does not lead to the fairy-tale marriage she imagined. Meera has no choice but to obey her in-laws, tolerate Dev's drunken night-time fumblings, even observe the most arduous of Hindu fasts for his longevity. A move to Bombay seems at first like a fresh start, but soon that dream turns to ashes. It is only when their son is born that things change and Meera is ready to unleash the passion she has suppressed for so long.
By a Bengali woman and scholar, study of texts and the role of Kali within Indian culture. excellent pre-reviews. Astrong feminist statement, careful scholarship. Discussion of Rig Veda, Tagore's Chandalika, Karnad's Hayavandana, Chugtai's Crooked lIne, Devi, It Does Not Die, Eliade, Bengal Nights, Tagore, Gora, Roy, Good of Small Thing
"Compact, clearly printed, and a delight to use. A sine qua non for the reference collections of public, academic, and theological libraries". -- American Reference Books Annual New Edition Your patrons will find this resource comprehensive as well as compelling, with coverage on more than 2,100 North American religious groups in the U.S. and Canada -- from Adventists to Zen Buddhists. Information on these groups is presented in two distinct sections. These sections contain essays and directory listings that describe the historical development of religious families and give factual information about each group within those families, including, when available, rubrics for membership figures, educational facilities and periodicals. This new 5th edition also includes more than 200 new entries in the directory portion, and a new chapter on the Interfaith and Ecumenical family. In addition, numerous indexes help users quickly find the information they're seeking.

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