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Come sit down beside me I said to myself, And although it doesn't makes sense, I held my own hand As a small sign of trust And together I sat on the fence.
The Travelling Leunig is the sixth collection of cartoons from Australia's visionary artist/philosopher Michael Leunig.
A collection of drawings by Australia's visionary artist and philosopher, Michael Leunig.
Musings From the Inner Duck, Michael Leunig's poignantly hilarious new cartoon collection, ranges from Curly Flat to the global positioning sausage, accompanied by the direction-finding duck.This collection of 138 cartoons tilts towards the whimsical, the wise and the sublimely misaligned; it's less heavily political than previous collections, although the political system cops a serve here and there. Mr Curly features often. There's the Global Positioning Sausage. The Effect of the Carbon Tax on Your Sausage. Duckwhistle Politics. A Soliloquy for Strange Times. The Ordinary Oddness of Existence. In a nutshell- all the questions (and some very funny answers) that can be put about human existence. Cartoons, reflections, musings, suggestions, reveries, rhymes, blessings, jokes, lamentations, theories, mysteries, tributes, lapses, and experiments. 'Absorbing and important ... the first volume of an ambitious work on the peopling of this continent from its human origins to our own day...bold, rich, wise, authioritative and questioning.' Peter Stanley, The Age'The Story of Australia's People- The Rise and Fall of Ancient Australiasituates pre-invasion Aboriginal society as a triumphant culture with much to celebrate.' John Maynard, The Age'Blainey has produced a book that all Australians could and, dare I say it, should read . . . I very much look forward to the next instalment of his bold, rich, wise, wry, authoritative and questioning trilogy.' Canberra Times'This is the real story of Australia, at last.' Courier Mail'Blainey delivers a brilliant narrative on Australia's settlement.' Australian Geographic
A special edition of a book that is destined to become a classic. Inside a beautiful linen-covered box with magnetic closure is a copy of the book The Essential Leunig, which comprises 400 definitive works spanning five decades. Also linen-bound, and with a cover unique to this special edition, each copy - one of a print run of 250 - is individually numbered and signed by the artist. The boxed set also includes a wood engraving printed on 250gsm art stock measuring 23cm x 23cm, with the actual image measuring 11cm x 8.5cm. The print has been created specially for this edition and is limited to 250 units numbered and signed by the artist. Neither the print nor the book in this edition will be reprinted, so these are truly collectors' items.
Now available in paperback, The Stick and other tales of our timesis another superb collection of cartoons, from one of the country's living national treasures. EVERYTHING ALWAYS What really happened? Many, many, many things happened. Where did these things happen, and how and why? They happened all over the place, and in the past, for all sorts of reasons and in many different ways. And what's happening now? All manner of things are happening now. Whereabouts are they happening They are happening everywhere and will continue to do so for a long, long time.
A special 40th anniversary edition of the very first collection of cartoons by the inimitable Michael Leunig.

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