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Get ready for eight fantastic new adventures in space and time with the Doctor and his companions, featuring stories from many of Doctor Who's most popular authors from the worlds of television, print, comics and audio, as well as new talent and fresh voices.
This final classic collection of stories reveals Somerset Maugham's unique talent for exposing and exploring the bitter realities of human relationships. Brilliant tales of love, infidelity, passion and prejudice, the stories range from 'The Lotus Eater' in which a man has a vision of a life of bliss in the Mediterranean, to the astringent tales of 'The Outstation' and 'The Back of Beyond' in Malaya and South East Asia. Largely set in favourite Maugham country, this colourful collection brilliantly evokes the numbered days of the British Empire.
The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography (1979-2015) provides a riveting new way to understand twenty-first-century China and a personal look at the changes that have taken place since the Reform and Opening Up era started in 1979. One hundred key individuals from this period were selected by an international group of experts, and the stories were written by more than 70 authors in 14 countries. The authors map the paths taken by these individuals-some rocky, some meandering, some fateful-and in telling their stories give contemporary Chinese history a human face. The editors have included-with the advice of myriad experts around the world-not only the life stories of politicians and government officials, who play a crucial role in the development of the country, but the stories of cultural figures including, film directors, activists, writers, and entrepreneurs from the mainland China, Hong Kong, and also from Taiwan. The "Greater China" that comes through in this volume has diverse ideas and identities. It is often contradictory, sometimes fractious, and always full of creative human complexity. Some of the lives rendered here are heroic. Some are tragic, and many are inspirational. Some figures come in for trenchant criticism, and others are celebrated with a sense of wonder and awe. Like previous volumes of the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, this volume includes a range of appendices, including a pronunciation guide, a bibliography, and a timeline of key events.
In this second volume of Michael Weeks’ thoroughly researched guide to the battlefields of the Civil War, you will find complete tours of every major military campaign in the region from 1863 to 1865. In this second volume of Michael Weeks' thoroughly researched guide to the battlefields of the Civil War, you will find complete tours of every major military campaign in the region from 1863 to 1865, from the battles immediately following the great clash at Gettysburg to the fall of Richmond and the Appomattox campaign. Detailed directions and maps, along with a detailed history of each campaign, will guide you to and through some of the war's most critical battlegrounds, including The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Lynchburg and the battle for Richmond. A section devoted to commands and commanders tells the life stories of the famous and the little-known; an explanation of military structure, orders of battle, and the various military units helps you keep track of the course of events and the key players. Travel tips and further sources of information are also included to help your explorations run smoothly.
In Their Divine Doctor, A Holiday Menage, Emma has dedicated her life to healing. Duke and Gage have dedicated their lives to helping others. Fearing that life is passing them by, the trio embarks on a "bucket list" quest, igniting passion along the way. When danger strikes, will Emma pay the ultimate price for loving them both? In Divine Phoenix, fleeing a sadistic ex-husband, Lily barrels into Clay's life from the distant past. Clay discovers his muse in her gentle, giving spirit. Del returns to Divine, traumatized from a lengthy deployment, trying to move on. As they forge a future, will their love be enough when Lily's past comes calling? In Sparks Fly! A Divine Creek July 4th Family Reunion, Divine's town librarian, Jayne Sheridan, and local tattoo artist, Seth Carter, are in Grace Warner's matchmaking crosshairs. Grace's sheltered cousin Jayne wants to embrace her fantasies. Seth believes life experience is overrated. Add in a Divine Creek Fourth of July Family Reunion and what happens? Sparks fly! ** A Siren Erotic RomanceHeather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.

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