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For three years in the 1970's Grey worked as a radio disc jockey at a small town AM station. He met a lot of people and learned a lot about the harsh realities of the business of broadcasting. Take a step back to the decade of the seventies where you can enjoy the music, experience the fads, and return to the unique values of a typical American family and their dreams. Also, relive the night when the king of rock-and-roll made his comeback on TV and experience the heartbreak of the main character on the day legendary Elvis died. Enjoy this seventh book by the author of Growing Up, Upstate and Grown Up, Going Home. Author Steve Newvine is a reqular columnist and contributor to and a former broadcaster who uses this work of fiction to illustrate a special time in our nation's history: the era of Watergate, disco music, and the closing days of AM radio as a major influence on American culture. This edition includes the essay "A Friendship Forged in Radio."
The first book in English on women's history in twentieth-century Manchuria, Resisting Manchukuo adds to a growing literature that challenges traditional understandings of Japanese colonialism. Norman Smith reveals the literary world of Japanese-occupied Manchuria (Manchukuo, 1932-45) and examines the lives, careers, and literary legacies of seven prolific Chinese women writers during the period. He shows how a complex blend of fear and freedom produced an environment in which Chinese women writers could articulate dissatisfaction with the overtly patriarchal and imperialist nature of the Japanese cultural agenda while working in close association with colonial institutions.

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