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Step-by-step demonstration of basic methods for creating this luminous fabric. In four chapters, Sarah shows how the resulting silk paper can be embellished and adapted by the use of dyes, natural and manmade ingredients and simple techniques such as cutting and layering, embroidery and more.
"Making and using silk paper is easier than you may think! silk paper is all you need to start making this amazing paper and using it in your own creations." -- Back cover.
"...step-by-step photographs in this book feature the author, Kath Russon, demonstrating how to make silk papers. " -- title verso.
Clearly explains how to employ silk-screen printing in producing a serigraph (art print) and in textile design (making a fabric print). Nearly 200 diagrams and photographs, including 19 in full color.
An inspirational and practical book on how to interpret and collaborate on different themes in textile art. With foreword by Marie-Therese Wisniowski, who runs Art Quill Studio. This stunning collection showcases the work produced by renowned textile artists Els van Baarle and Cherilyn Martin, and explores how – even when working from the same starting point – textile art can produce a myriad interpretations of shape, form, colour and technique. Els and Cherilyn have chosen six themes for their own starting point, each full of inspiration and artistic potential: Memory (both personal experiences and historical events); Graven (cemetery) images and idols; Books as objects; Pompeii and archaeological excavations; Walls; and Everyday items. For each of the themes the authors have provided a personal interpretation of the work and a description of the techniques they used, along with step-by-step instructions. In the chapter on memory, for example, Cherilyn demonstrates how old fabrics and textiles (which themselves have a unique history all of their own) can be recycled to incorporate your own stitched drawings. Alternatively, Els explores Procion Dye techniques to create colourful and striking fabrics that bear no resemblance to Els work on the same theme. The trend for collaborative textile art is increasing in popularity. This fascinating guide provides a rich seam of inspiration from two renowned artists, exploring how to get the most from your collaborations and produce beautiful and unique work.
Explore the world of textile arts, one thread at a time. Expand your repertoire of textile crafting and design techniques. Shows the foundations of design and fabrication, includes a glossary of materials, and classic techniques that include weaving, dyeing, painting, and more.
Ideal for professional framers, textile artists and collectors.
Silk paper-making takes the beautiful individual fibres of silk, adds a suitable adhesive and creates a lovely new material. The richness of the fibres gives the papers a unique and luxurious texture that encourages its application in a wide variety of ways. This book introduces the wonderful range of silk fibres that are available and then describes how to turn them into sheets of "paper" and forms of decoration. The colourful illustrations together with step-by-step instructions, make this book a useful starting point for this craft, while providing inspiration for those experienced in other forms of arts and crafts.
As some knitters craft mittens and sweaters, others find themselves taking flight into the realm of art.Some become true fiber artists, creating exhibition-quality quilts and sweaters and shawls, yarn mobiles and sculptures and gigantic abstract installations.An exploration of art knitting, this book profiles eighteen of the most prominent and intriguing practitioners of this craft-turned-art.Karen Searle, herself a recognized fiber artist, examines the works and inspirations of each of these knit artists.Numerous photographs illustrate each profile, documenting these artists’ work and at the same time offering inspiration to those who might transcend the purely practical aspect of knitting.Among the artists encountered here are such nationally known knitters as movement founder Katharine Cobey, Carolyn Halliday, Debbie New, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Lindsay Obermayer, Kathryn Alexander, and others.
Isobel Hall is well known for her exquisite yet fully functional embroidered bags, made from handmade paper and embellished with print, stitch and beading. This beautifully illustrated book reveals the secrets of her techniques for the first time. It contains over 30 different bag projects, plus a wealth of techniques to inspire you to make your own examples, including : Using silk cocoon strippings to make the softest handmade paper How to create the author's signature 'distressed' look Ingenious ways to use found objects as handles and fastenings Creative use of natural materials such as twigs and flower petals Illustrated throughout with stunning pictures of the author's work but with full instructions on all the techniques, this book is ideal for embroiderers and textile artists who are fascinated by bags and other three-dimensional pieces.
Illustrated with over 200 examples drawn from artists practicing around the world, this comprehensive resource thoroughly documents the history of cloth in art. Among the extraordinary roster of international artists--in many disciplines, with diverse philosophies--are James Bassler, Christo, Eva Hesse, Faith Ringgold, and Andy Warhol. 240 illustrations, 120 in color.
This is the first comprehensive book in English on Japanese stencils for textile dyeing.

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