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Baking is one of life's great pleasures and in this beautiful new National Trust cookery book Sybil Kapoor brings together an inspiring collection of baking recipes, both sweet and savoury. She delves into our kitchen gardens, larders, hedgerows and orchards to illustrate different aspects of modern British baking. She shows how key ingredients such as produce from the orchard, grain from the mill or butter from the dairy have shaped British baking and led to a delicious and deservedly famous repertoire of cakes, pastries, savoury bakes and bread. Seville Orange Crunch Cake and Blackcurrant Meringue Pie are just a few of the simple cakes and tarts that can be prepared with fresh dairy ingredients, while pastry and breads from the mill provide a wholesome basis for Nectarine Slice and Olive and Onion scones. Harvest sumptuous apricots, cherries, pears and plums from the orchard for Apricot Creams and Chocolate pear cake, or use the natural abundance of wild herbs, mushrooms and nuts of the hedgerow to produce delicious almond blackberry cake or soft hazelnut macaroons. Sybil's interests in nature and the use of seasonal and local produce reflect the National Trust's current food policy and combine to make this a unique and exciting baking book for our times.
My family have chopped, sliced, braised, fried, roasted, baked and ate these dishes across five generations. Some of these recipes were written in little notebooks, on the back of cook books, on scraps of paper, and some have been simply handed down through word of mouth from my wee granny, to my granny, to my mammie, to me and my sisters, and to daughters and nieces.They are traditional and authentic Scottish recipes and utterly delicious. They are simple to follow - using simple ingredients and simple cooking and baking methods - and you won't fail to experience a true taste of Scotland.This book incorporates every single recipe and they are served from My Wee Granny's table to yours.Enjoy.
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"The Proper Place" – Lady Jane Rutherfurd, her daughter Nicole, and her niece Barbara are forced to sell their beautiful estate, and they opt to settle in a small village on the coast of Scotland. Lady Jane became depressed after losing her husband and two sons in the Great War, and Barbara can't get used to the new place and new style of life, craving for the splendor of their previous home. Nicole, however, tends to always see the sunny side of life and begins the new life with great passion. She enjoys making friends of all sorts of people and befriends all their new neighbors, including an interesting young boy. "The Day of Small Things" – Barbara, who never reconciled with the new Harbour House in Kirkmeikle, marries and returns to the old family estate of Rutherfurd. Nicole and Lady Jane have become more than get used to with their new life, until their peaceful world is shaken by a disruptive influence in the form of Althea Gort, Lady Jane's sister-in-law's niece. Her aunt wishes her upon the Rutherfurds hoping they will provide a settling influence, and also to remove Althea from an undesirable lover. While Lady Jane is welcoming, both Nicole and Althea hate the thought of sharing a home – their upbringings and personalities are diametrically opposed and they resent each other. "Jane's Parlour" – The story follows the life in the small Scottish town, revealing the final pieces of the tale of Nicole and Lady Jane Rutherfurd, and their niece Barbara with her husband Andrew Jackson.

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