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The paperback edition of the best-selling biography of the late Sir Peter Blake, the celebrated yachtsman and adventurer. Sir Peter Blake: An Amazing Life was the major New Zealand book of 2004.. In the biography, Alan Sefton, a close friend and colleague, traces Blake's extraordinary life, from the small boy crazy about the sea, to the rigours of ocean racing and the America's Cup triumphs, to the decision to devote his life to saving the world's oceans, and to Blake's sad end on the Amazon. The book tells the true story of what happened behind the scenes at Team New Zealand as the crew broke up and Coutts and Butterworth jumped ship. The biography has the full backing of Pippa, Lady Blake, who has made Sir Peter's files and papers available to Sefton.
This captivating book follows the late Sir Peter Blake - legendary yachtsman and adventurer - on his final, ill-fated voyage. It tracks him and his dedicated team on the blakexpeditions exploration vessel Seamaster to the environmental pulse points of the planet as they look to generate greater awareness of the need to take better care of our world. Sir Peter's last adventure began in New Zealand in late 2000 when he set out to once again cross the Southern Ocean to Cape Horn. After exploring the breathtaking Beagle Channel at the foot of South America, he took Seamaster to 70 degrees south, among the icebergs of Antarctica, then headed north, up the coast of South America, to the rain forests of Amazonia where Seamaster navigated 1400 miles up the Amazon and Negro Rivers. As the world knows, Sir Peter was murdered by river pirates on the eve of Seamaster's departure from the Amazon in December 2001. Drawn from the logbooks kept by Sir Peter, and edited by his colleague and close friend Alan Sefton, this book relives that last, fateful voyage and at the same time celebrates both Sir Peter's passion and concern for the world in which we live.
Sir Peter Blake was a New Zealand hero -- sailor, adventurer, leader and environmentalist. Competing in ocean races, he clocked up as many sea miles as any seafarer in history, with some epic victories. Then he led his small country to win the Americas Cup (twice!), and gave his last years to helping the environment. Award-winning author Tessa Duder tells the gripping story of Sir Peters life for teenage readers, revealing what made him an inspirational leader. The book features boxes backgrounding sailing skills, the Americas Cup and other key points, and is richly illustrated with photos from his life (including 8 pages of colour).
Welcome to Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter’s fantasy world of rabbit schoolchildren, cigar-smoking squirrels and exemplary feline etiquette in Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy… Walter Potter (1835–1918), a British country taxidermist of no great expertise, built anthropomorphic taxidermy tableaux that became famous icons of Victorian whimsy, including his masterpiece The Death & Burial of Cock Robin. His tiny museum in Bramber, Sussex, was crammed full of multi-legged kittens, two-headed lambs, and a bewildering assortment of curios. Potter’s inspired and beguiling tableaux found many fans in the contemporary art world: it was reported that a £1M bid by Damien Hirst to keep the collection intact was refused when the museum finally closed. Here, perhaps for the last time, many important pieces from the collection are showcased and celebrated with new photographs of Potter’s best-loved works. Darkly witty and affecting, Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy makes a charming, whimsical (and yes, slightly morbid) gift.
Skipper L.B. Tross, inspired by Sir Peter Blake's environmental work, takes readers on a seafaring adventure around the coast of New Zealand to learn about sealife, what threatens it, and the need to protect it. Encounters various species of dolphin, turtle, whale, crustacean and more, and looks at food chains, bottom-trawling, pollutants, and what humans can do to make a difference. Includes puzzles, games and exercises. Suggested level: junior, primary.
A brief biography of Sir Peter Blake, a sailor who won yacht races and was killed while campaigning for environmental protection. In picture book format.
'This book describes how a live-in learning centre evolved as an answer to" "the unforgivable statistic (1983) stating thet 20%-50% of school children in Auckland City of Sails, did not have the opportunity to learn about the sea around us and how to enjoy or care for it." A small group of teachers, yachtsmen and volunteers struggled over twelve years to finally welcome children aboard in 1990" -- Cover.

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