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Includes the brilliant story 'The Mist', now adapted into a major Netflix series. Hold tight. We are going into a number of dark places, but I think I know the way. Just don't let go of my arm . . . Unrivalled master of suspense Stephen King takes the unsuspecting reader on a fantastic journey through the dark shadows of our innermost fears. Do the dead sing? In this bumper collection of chilling tales, we meet: a woman who has never crossed The Reach, the water dividing her from the mainland; a gramma who only wants to hug little George, even after she is dead; an innocent looking toy with sinister powers; and a primeval sea creature with an insatiable appetite.
Bodies are hitting the pavement in L.A. like they always do, but this time they're getting right back up, death be damned. My mobbed-up outfit of magicians may be the strongest in the city, but even they aren't immune to the living dead. And I've yet to develop a resistance to Adan Rashan. If I don't team up with the boss's son, we won't just be at each other's throats over control of the outfit. We'll be craving hearts and brains, as well. Because as long as this nasty spirit from the Between is stopping souls from finding peace, I'm facing the biggest supernatural crisis to ever hit the City of Angels. Zombies, it's time you feared me.
First in the astounding Skeleton Crew series by the master of science fiction R. M. Gordge. High concept drama set thousands of years in the future within the realm of mankind's closest neighbor in the galaxy. In an idyllic future there is no need to turn to crime, and yet Arc has chosen to be a villain. He is captured and after being dead for a time he awakes back into this world to find that his memory is gone and he is at the mercy of harsh galactic law. It soon becomes clear to him that things are very wrong in our future, and perhaps this idyllic empire of the stars is the opposite of what they portray themselves to be. Firmly in the clutches of this terrible empire he believes that all is lost, when he hears a voice, a whisper in his mind. Arc had died but wasn't entirely gone. Pushed back deeper into his mind a second split personality formed, and remembers everything, and knows a way to fight back.
When the Oracle of Delphi told Alexander the Great that he was invincible, it was right. The son of the great King Philip II of Macedonia, Alexander was educated by Aristotle and commanded a wing of his father's army in the victory over the Thebans and Athenians at the Battle of Chaeronea—all when he was still just a teenager. By the time of his death at age 32, he had amassed an empire that stretched from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus River and included all of Persia and most of Egypt. He ruled as both the shah of Persia and as a pharaoh of Egypt by right of conquest, and he was also crowned king of Asia. Here, historian Bill Yenne illuminates the legendary vision of this classical hero. Exhibiting the best traits of a battlefield leader, Alexander was audacious, aggressive, fearless and victorious. His unfailing integration of strategic vision and tactical genius took him to the ends of the earth, and into immortality as a military leader. Alexander's influence on cultural and political history and the scope of his military prowess remains awe-inspiring to this day.
Citing tens of thousands of missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved crimes in America, an introduction to amateur crime solving reveals how everyday concerned citizens can access online resources to help solve cold cases.
When his older, dimmer, blacksheep brother, Bub, falls overboard into the waters of the Gulf Stream, Percy Billings takes over Bub's candidacy for governor, but Percy soon discovers that Bub may not only be alive, but he may also be much cleverer than he had supposed. Reprint.
Three skeletons have a good time on their sailing vacation, until their boat is boarded by pirates.

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