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This enthusiastic introduction provides support for Excel beginners and focuses on using the program immediately for maximum efficiency. With 1,104 screenshots and explicit information on everything from rows, columns, and cells to subtotaling, sorting, and pivot tables, this guide aims to alleviate the frustrations that come with using the program for the first time. This manual offers strategies for avoiding problems and streamlining efficiency and assists readers from start to finish, turning Excel 2010 novices into experts.
Designed with Excel gurus in mind, this handbook outlines how to create formulas that can be used to solve everyday problems with a series of data values that standard Excel formulas cannot or would be too arduous to attempt. Beginning with an introduction to array formulas, this manual examines topics such as how they differ from ordinary formulas, the benefits and drawbacks of their use, functions that can and cannot handle array calculations, and array constants and functions. Among the practical applications surveyed include how to extract data from tables and unique lists, how to get results that match any criteria, and how to utilize various methods for unique counts. This book contains 529 screen shots.
Formulas and functions are among what Excel does best, and the most commonly used aspect of the program that is in use on 750 million desktops, but with as many as 455 functions users can get easily overwhelmed, which is why this tip card was created to be as easy to use as possible. From SUM and AVERAGE to VLOOKUP and SUMPRODUCT, this card illustrates the most important functions and groups them into helpful subject matters that include rounding, lookup, text handling, and condition. It uses an illustrative approach to its lessons, and instead of merely stating tips will present a problem and the formula needed to solve the problem.
Excel's VLOOKUP function is useful when merging two data sets and this handy laminated card has all the tips needed to perform it. The tip card first explains how and why VLOOKUP should be used and covers advanced VLOOKUP topics, such as summing all the matches, finding the last match, and finding a value to the left of the key field. Lookup variants, such as HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH are also included.
Offers information on the aspects, elements, and guidelines for array formulas in Microsoft Excel.

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