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The poems in this book are selected from a lifetime of 'poetical prosing'. They have been placed in an order which suggests the changes from childhood to old age. Before putting it into the hands of your nearest and dearest, you'd better read them yourself.
Slugs and snails are part of the great Phylum Mollusca, a group that contains creatures as varied as the fast-moving squid or the sedentary clams, cockles and mussels. The largest group, however, are the gastropods, animals originally with a single foot and a single coiled shell.
Slugs and snails can be many different sizes and colors. Sea snails are brightly-colored to warn off attackers. Great black slugs can be longer than a pencil. All slugs and snails have a shell. A snail carries its shell, but a slug's shell is hidden inside its body. Book jacket.

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