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Wild game and domestic meats are prepared in any of dozens of marinades and brines, then set in a smoke cooker to absorb the flavor of hickory, applewood, mesquite, chestnut, or maple smoke. Recipes are included for beef, pork, lamb, venison, chicken, turkey, duck, fish, shellfish, jerky, sausages, nuts, cheese, and even pasta. Lists sources for smoke cookers.
This volume explains the types of smoking: cold, hot, stovetop and smoke roasting, taking the reader through the do's and don'ts, and the when's and how's. It offers a range of smoking recipes from Jamaican jerked pork to lemon lobster tails and pancetta vildalia onions.
Smoke Your Meat Box Set (4 in 1): Mouthwatering Smoked Meat Recipes, Jerky Cookbook and Spice Mixes for Your Best Barbecue Eleven Ways to Smoke Your Meat Smoker Recipes Jerky Cookbook Seasoning and Spices Cookbook In Eleven Ways to Smoke Your Meat, you'll get Tips How You Can Make Tasty, Mouth-Watering Smoked Meat Recipes In Smoker Recipes, you'll get Irresistible Spicy Smoking Meat, Hamburger, Smoked Chicken and Pork for Your Best Barbecue In Jerky Cookbook, you'll get Over 60 Simple and Delicious Jerky Recipes You Can Enjoy! Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Chicken Jerky, Fish Jerky & More In Seasoning and Spices Cookbook, you'll get A Guide to Making Easy 30 Homemade Spice Mixes to Transform Ordinary Meals into Great Dishes Buy all four books today!
Presents 150 ways to prepare this healthy, versatile, low-fat meat.
Smoking Cookbook Delicious Smoked Meat & Fish Methods, Techniques & Recipes For Meat Lovers! Are You Ready To Make Some Amazing Smoked Meals? If So You've Come To The Right Place... No experience with smoking? No worries! This book is suited to the absolute beginner that's looking to get started with some delicious, unconventional recipes. Here's A Preview Of What This Book Contains... An Introduction To Smoking Foods The Basics about Smoking Food Smoked Beef Recipes Smoked Poultry Meat Recipes Other Smoked Meat and Snack Recipes Smoked Fish and Seafood Recipes And Much, Much More! Order Your Copy Now & Let's get Started!
Instructions for building an electric, solar, or air-flow dehydrator accompany a variety of recipes using dried foods and techniques for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, meat, and fish
When we want smoked meat or fish, we usually just go to the store and buy it, but unfortunately, one cannot always be sure of the absence of chemical additives in the store-bought smoked products. It is for this reason that preparing a smoked chicken or other piece of meat yourself is the most reliable and also delicious way to get a quality dish with smoked meat. It is also an amazing and interesting way to prepare the wild game you shot yourself and have a tender and juicy piece of meat with irresistible smoky flavor to enjoy with your family and friends. The procedure for smoking meat and fish products has been known since ancient times. Our ancestors processed meat with a mixture of smoke and air in order to prolong the period of its storage and prevent the multiplication of harmful bacteria in it. In modern society, the smoking procedure is used, in most cases, to give the products a specific taste and amazing smell. In addition to the bright aroma and taste, all pathogenic bacteria are eliminated during the process of smoking, and the amount of cholesterol is not increased, so it is a healthier choice of cooking. If you do not know how to smoke meat or just want to try out new recipes, we offer some very tasty recipes of smoked meat. The addition of various spices and herbs, such as rosemary, garlic, chili, cayenne, sage and thyme, and use of different woods will give any piece of meat a remarkable aroma and taste. If you smoke meat yourself, you can achieve exactly the taste that the whole family likes. From the recipes provided in this book, you will see that you can easily smoke any meat or fish yourself even if you have never done it yourself before. This book includes recipes that contain ingredients and step-by-step instructions for smoking the following: Lamb; Beef; Pork; Poultry; Fish and Wild Game.

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