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Discover the importance of nose work for a dog to understand his world This book contains a wealth of ideas on how everybody can keep their dogs busy and entertained with games all around their sense of smell. The tasks and games described here will entertain both the human and their dog, challenging and employing a dog's instincts, and will ultimately strengthen the relationship between us and our dog companions. This book not only contains games, but also search and find' tasks, which can sometimes come very handy!
This is about a babysitter who's always snooping around her employer's house. Looking through their private things and gossiping about it. She snooped so much that she stumbled upon something that put her life in danger. This time she went to far!
When you are a contract carpenter installing a new kitchen for a wealthy client, you shouldn't go snooping around their house. And when you find that she makes and sells adult baby clothing you should not touch it or try any of it on. Nathan picked the wrong house to snoop around. The owner had videoed his actions and was convinced that he was an adult baby himself, even if he still denied it. And she was on the hunt for an Adult Baby for herself to care for as her own child. A story of denying you want diapers and babying and finding yourself forced to accept it and then to live it for real.
The Dictionary of Louisiana French (DLF) provides the richest inventory of French vocabulary in Louisiana and reflects precisely the speech of the period from 1930 to the present. This dictionary describes the current usage of French-speaking peoples in the five broad regions of South Louisiana: the coastal marshes, the banks of the Mississippi River, the central area, the north, and the western prairie. Data were collected during interviews from at least five persons in each of twenty-four areas in these regions. In addition to the data collected from fieldwork, the dictionary contains material compiled from existing lexical inventories, from texts published after 1930, and from archival recordings. The new authoritative resource, the DLF not only contains the largest number of words and expressions but also provides the most complete information available for each entry. Entries include the word in the conventional French spelling, the pronunciation (including attested variants), the part of speech classification, the English equivalent, and the word's use in common phrases. The DLF features a wealth of illustrative examples derived from fieldwork and textual sources and identification of the parish where the entry was collected or the source from which it was compiled. An English-to-Louisiana French index enables readers to find out how particular notions would be expressed in la Louisiane .
Ghosts? A mysterious plant? Something even more sinister? This spooky mystery (inspired by a real kid's idea) doubles as a creative writing guide for young writers! Eliza loves hunting ghosts — too bad she's spending the summer helping her scientist mother study weird plants instead. But when a mysterious plant goes missing, things go from strange to downright spooky. Eliza is convinced something—or someone—is haunting the plant shop. Is she digging into dangerous ground? Like Stuck in the Stone Age, the first in the Story Pirates Present series, this spine-tingling mystery doubles as an introduction to the basics of creative writing. With the help of Story Pirate Captain Vincent Rolo and the Mystery Creation Zone, kids can use this kid-generated story as inspiration to create their OWN great mysteries! “What a fantastically fun way to learn about writing a story!” — Chris Grabenstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author
Power! exposes the foreign manipulation of U.S. financial markets, which caused us to create the ‘anti-nuke’ movement and covertly collapse our own nuclear energy program! The United States announced plans in 1965 to build one thousand nuclear power plants. Americans praised the clean, efficient, and economical energy. Fifteen years and only 90 plants later, the U.S. nuclear energy program was effectively aborted. But nuclear power programs still thrive throughout Europe and Asia. Why not in the United States? In the early 1970’s, an American engineer, Duncan Hayward, uncovered a foreign plot to take control of the electric power industry in the United States and thereby crush the U.S. economy. Foreign cartels were buying huge chunks of the U.S. nuclear power industry through an ingenious computerized scheme. Hayward soon realized that the only way to stop them was to remove their primary target, the nuclear power industry itself. Hayward’s plan, approved at the highest government levels, would systematically destroy the nuclear industry. Politicians, celebrities, and news media were used to convey messages of fear and environmental disaster to the general public. Hayward and his supporters executed the odious ‘anti-nuke’ plan and the U.S. nuclear energy program collapsed, taking with it the foreign cartels.
This book provides an in-depth examination of adolescents’ social development in the context of the family. Grounded in social domain theory, the book draws on the author’s research over the past 25 years Draws from the results of in-depth interviews with more than 700 families Explores adolescent-parent relationships among ethnic majority and minority youth in the United States, as well as research with adolescents in Hong Kong and China Discusses extensive research on disclosure and secrecy during adolescence, parenting, autonomy, and moral development Considers both popular sources such as movies and public surveys, as well as scholarly sources drawn from anthropology, history, sociology, social psychology, and developmental psychology Explores how different strands of development, including autonomy, rights and justice, and society and social convention, become integrated and coordinated in adolescence

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