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Fiction. The Congo is in civil war and Brazzaville is under siege. During a mission to evacuate French nationals, Lt. Vincent Chavanne is separated from his unit and left for dead. SOLDIER IN THE GRASS records his journey with the woman who saves his life as they escape across the country to the safety of the ocean port, Pointe-Noire. Adversity strips them of their defenses. Cut off from the rest of the world, overwhelmed by violence and fear, they find something that transcends suffering, hatred and superstition--devotion to one another.
Outrageous, hilarious, and absolutely candid, Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green is Johnny Rico’s firsthand account of fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, a memoir that also reveals the universal truths about the madness of war. No one would have picked Johnny Rico for a soldier. The son of an aging hippie father, Johnny was overeducated and hostile to all authority. But when 9/11 happened, the twenty-six-year-old probation officer dropped everything to become an “infantry combat killer.” But if he’d thought that serving his country would be the kind of authentic experience a reader of The Catcher in the Rye would love, he quickly realized he had another thing coming. In Afghanistan he found himself living a Lord of the Flies existence among soldiers who feared civilian life more than they feared the Taliban–guys like Private Cox, a musical prodigy busy “planning his future poverty,” and Private Mulbeck, who didn’t know precisely which country he was in. Life in a combat zone meant carnage and courage–but it also meant tedious hours standing guard, punctuated with thoughtful arguments about whether Bea Arthur was still alive. Utterly uncensored and full of dark wit, Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green is a poignant, frightening, and heartfelt view of life in this and every man’s army.
An award-winning Indian writer and critic brings together the fascinating works of North America's most important contemporary Indian artists and includes a brief history of this native art
Rome, 97 BC: Gaius Marius is triumphant. Under his command, Rome has conquered the Western world, weathered invasion and crushed its enemies. There is just one prize left to him: an unprecedented seventh consulship. But the greatest prize demands the highest price. Marius, now aging and ailing, is pitted against a new generation of assassins, power-seekers, and Senate intriguers. There are many who would like to see him fail, not least Lucius Cornelius Sulla, once his closest ally, now his most dangerous rival. Sulla and Marius' contest can only be won through treachery and blood. As a deadly enmity engulfs both men and plunges them towards madness, Rome must fight its own battle for survival. Please note: This ebook contains all the original maps and illustration.
The incredible true story of a young Norwegian who put his life on the line to fight the world's most brutal terrorist organization.August 2014: ISIS continues its reign of terror, conquering new areas in Iraq and Syria, leaving tens of thousands of dead and millions displaced in their homelands. International news shows gruesome images of massacres and ethnic cleansing. A horrified Norwegian soldier at Camp Rena, shocked by Norway's unwillingness to commit troops to eradicate the terrorists, decides to take matters into his own hands and travels to the Kurdish front line in Iraq.In this gripping memoir, Mike Peshmerganor recounts how his Kurdish heritage, liberal Norwegian upbringing and military training shaped his worldview and drew him into the fight against militant Islamism. Armed only with gear he purchased himself and the name of a Kurdish contact, Mike is thrust into a military culture completely foreign to Westerners; where soldiers work without pay, adequate food and even ammunition, and their revered leader is a former hitman. Here are dramatic firefights against the world's most feared terrorist organization, and insight into the mindset of a true warrior.Mike Peshmerganor is a pseudonym. He escaped from Kurdistan as an infant with his family, grew up in Eastern Norway and served in Norway's elite Telemark Battalion. "I couldn't think of a single better reason for the government to send troops abroad than to stop an ongoing genocide. And what about all the foreign fighters from Europe who fought for ISIS? Didn't we have a responsibility to stop our own citizens from actively perpetrating war crimes and other atrocities in Iraq? Who will prevent them from returning home and carrying out terrorist attacks here, inour own cities? I realized it was futile to wait for Norway to engage directly in the fight against ISIS. I had to do it on my own."
Off the record, and little known incidents of Texas history that have contributed so much to the story of the Southwest.
He was the most mysterious sharp knife in China, as well as the most fearsome 'dragon' in the world. He avenged his brother's death by killing the biggest drug lord of the Grey border, but he was sent to a military court and lost to the flowery city. However, dragons would always soar to the nine heavens, dominating the winds and the clouds! When he returned, everyone lowered their heads!
Some of the words within these pages are for music, and not just the poetry. The Wind In The Grass' tells of an Elsa, a Jeanne, and mostly, a Barbara. They're pages in a book, pushed along by an off -shore wind like the tall grass on the true' cape of Hatteras. There's a boxer in the 30's, a killing hurricane at sea, an imaginary French resistance fighter defending white wine. There's the Viking, Teymor, a lost soul and a lost story before recorded history; and a brave little tugboat at Pearl Harbor. There are words of loneliness, of wanting and not wanting, and other words, gentle and direct. The Wind In Th e Grass' is for all of us who understand silence and those of us intimidated by it. Life does get in the way. It's something we have to understand. As others rush by, it's up to us to motion to them, beckon and wave. Slow down, we should say...come over here. Let's sit and read together.

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