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In Some Flowers, originally published in 1937, Vita Sackville-West took the novel step of choosing 25 of her favourite flowers and describing their appearance, origins and characteristics – and the best ways to grow them – in a series of brilliantly expressive pen portraits which retain their vitality over 70 years later. In this fresh edition of the book the exquisite watercolours of Graham Rust provide a perfect marriage of words and images, clearly demonstrating at last the accuracy and ingenuity of Vita Sackville-West's descriptions. This glorious second flowering of her personal, erudite and poetical book will not only delight her many admirers but also guarantee her reputation with a new generation of gardening enthusiasts.
Most of us like to look at them, but why on earth would anyone want to eat them? As Constance L. Kirker and Mary Newman show in this book, however, flowers have a long history as a tasty ingredient in a variety of cuisines. The Greeks, Romans, Persians, Ottomans, Mayans, Chinese, and Indians all knew how to cook with them for centuries, and today contemporary chefs use them to add something special to their dishes. Edible Flowers is the fascinating history of how flowers have been used in cooking, from ancient Greek dishes to the today’s molecular gastronomy and farm-to-table restaurants. Looking at flowers’ natural qualities: their unique and beautiful appearance, their pungent fragrance, and their surprisingly good taste, Kirker and Newman proffer a bouquet of dishes—from soups to stews to desserts to beverages—that use them in interesting ways. Tying this culinary history into a larger cultural one, they show how flowers’ cultural, symbolic, and religious connotations have added value and meaning to dishes in daily life and special occasions. From fried squash blossoms to marigold dressings, this book rediscovers the flower not just as something beautiful but as something absolutely delicious.
Caring for Cut Flowers shows florists and growers how to make cut flowers last longer. While proper postharvest techniques will not magically transform poor quality flowers into first class material, a few basic, inexpensive techniques can maximise the vase life of good quality material.
English poems by Stella Evelyne Tesha."LOVE AS FLOWERS is a collection that has been written and compiled by my mother, Stella Evelyne Tesha, based on her experiences of love from the age of 16, while living in India, until now at the age of 36 and living in the Netherlands.Love has been an adventure. At a young age of 16, love took her by surprise, she fell in love with the wrong man according to family tradition and standards. The two lovers did not speak the same language, did not come from the same country or culture, class or religion. The experience was full of romance and passion with feelings so intense, that it cannot be put into words.Along the way many lessons have been learnt."(Melissa Yvonne Tesha)
Consider Some Flowers presents several dualities: writer and glass artisan, death and life, reality and make-believe. This collection focuses on the narrator's grief after the death of her beloved and finding various ways to mourn. As the narrative continues, the narrator finds comfort in creating assorted plant species out of glass. The concept of preserving life in intricate detail through glass flowers fascinates the narrator and allows her to explore the degrees of loss by questioning the objectives of art. Just as the narrator experiences the five stages of grief, each flower goes through stages to be completed--from studying the anatomy of each living plant to admiring the finished piece. Reliving the events before death and the artistic process become intertwined as time goes on. These glass plants are able to live forever unlike their real counterparts. Sustaining a life, even one as simple as a plant, allows the narrator to feel a sense of control. As the roots of her glass flowers sometimes end abruptly so does life. But life can't exist without death and as the narrator exclaims, surrounded by her glass garden, she misses the beauty in wilting. In the fragility of glass, the narrator comes to understand the fragility of life and her own grief. This collection recounts Boling's own experience with grief while drawing inspiration from the famed "Glass Flowers," officially the Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants, on permanent exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History and their creators, Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka.
An exploration of the roles flowers play in the production of our foods, spices, medicines, and perfumes reveals their origins, myriad shapes, colors, textures and scents, bizarre sex lives, and how humans-- and the natural world-- relate and depend upon them.
Quick, easy to make, sophisticated, and elegant, these 40 silk flower arrangements are well suited to today's busy home decorator. The basics of designing that are illustrated and presented here will soon have the arranger making creative leaps in styling. Put the new, more lifelike silk flowers in treasured tiny vases; go "simply exotic" with Chinese-red blossoms and a single bold leaf; or make an everlasting, never fading bride's bouquet. Show off a bucket of tall blossoms, artfully arranged to look as if you've just carried them in from the garden. Hang a unique sylvan wall sconce, with leafy greenery, ferns, and berries, and a grapevine nest hidden amid the flowers. Designer tips and project variations expand the decorating possibilities.
Designer Nora J. Bellows’s extraordinary Noni® bag and flower patterns have earned her acclaim and endeared her to a loyal following of knitters all over the world. Now, in her first book, she offers lifelike knitted flowers that rival the beauty of true botanicals. This is a collection of luscious designs and essential techniques that knitters will turn to again and again. Inside, you’ll find: • 40 exceptional knitted and felted flowers, from Angel’s Tears Ddaffodils to ylang ylang • 6 beautiful yet practical garment, accessory, and home projects perfect for floral embellishment • Clear instructions for knitting, felting, wiring, and finishing your work
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Beautiful Flowers for Kids Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Cherry Blossoms Dahlias Bleeding heart Chapter 2 Canna Roses Tulips Chapter 3 White Lotus Lily of the Valley Oriental poppy Plumerias Conclusion Author Bio Introduction Flowers are a beautiful part of nature’s great diversity, and have delighted the human race for thousands of years. And because of their adaptable nature, flowers have been used in many ways. Did you know some flowers used to be so valuable they cost more than gold? Yes, they did! Today, there are many varieties of flowers around the world. They fill our lives with color, and joy and help us find a silver lining behind every dark cloud. You may know some of them very well. But others may be unfamiliar to you. In this book, we will examine ten beautiful kinds of flowers to discover what makes each one unique. Are you ready to get started? Then review the list before we begin: 1-Cherry Blossoms 2-Dahlias 3-Bleeding Heart 4-Canna 5-Roses 6-Tulips 7-White Lotus 8-Lilly of the Valley 9-Oriental poppy 10-Frangipani (Plumeria) Each variety of flowers in this list brings beauty and happiness to our lives. They also help us to live in a better way. How so? Well, for thousands of years flowers have been used for medicinal purposes, so in a literal way they have helped many people. Some flowers also have historical value; others are considered sacred and many are used in religious ceremonies. What about when someone is sick or not feeling well? Don’t we give them flowers to cheer them up? Or perhaps you use flowers for other special occasions in your life. There is also something else flowers are well known for. Have you guessed it? That’s right! Their sweet scent. Many flowers have a strong smell, others have a softer smell and some have no smell at all! That’s one side of the coin, but on the other…did you know some flowers smell like rotten meat? Does that sound awful? But even this scent fulfills a purpose and helps nature to thrive. Ultimately, flowers are a delightful part of nature’s wonders. So whether sweet or ‘rotten,’ take a moment and dive into the amazing world of colorful plants!
Projects: Sweetheart wreath -- Floral sampler wreath -- Flower pot wreath -- Grass wreath -- Holiday greenery wreath -- Victorian wall plaque -- Herb and garlic braid -- Lucky horseshoe -- Bird's nest centerpiece -- Harvest cornucopia -- Christmas candle centerpiece -- Driftwood centerpiece -- Floral garland -- Grass swag -- Floral swag -- Hydrangea topiary -- Round dish design -- Tall container design -- Cottage garden potpourri -- Pressed flower picture -- Christmas tree star.

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