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Originally published in 1954, this is a magnificent book about the greatest adventure of our age: humanity’s exploration of the skies and space. One of the classics of aviation and scientific literature, written by wartime flier Guy Murchie, this book will fascinate even non-pilots and non-science oriented readers.
A collection of Native American songs and poems, researched and annotated by Brian Swann.
Guy Murchie (Jr.) (25 January 1907 - 8 July 1997) was a writer about science and philosophy: aviation, astronomy, biology, and the meaning of life. He was, successively, a world traveler; a war correspondent; a photographer, staff artist, and reporter for the Chicago Tribune; a pilot and flight instructor; a teacher; a lecturer; an aerial navigator; a building contractor; and founder and director of a summer camp for children. He was a practising member of the Bahá'í Faith. His books included Men on the Horizon (1932), Song of the Sky (1954), Music of the Spheres (1961), and The Seven Mysteries of Life (1978). The latter three books were chosen for promotion by the Book of the Month Club. He illustrated his books with etchings and woodcuts of his own design. Murchie got the material for his breakthrough work Song of the Sky from his experience and investigations as an aviator and flight instructor. Though the subject of the book is largely science (with some references to spiritual matters), the content is delivered in Murchie's characteristically poetic way. The book does not address religion at length, but it does mention Bahá'u'lláh, founder of Murchie's religion, the Bahá'í Faith. Song of the Sky was a Book of the Month Club selection for December 1954. The American Museum of Natural History awarded him the John Burroughs Medal in 1956 for Song of the Sky. Song of the Sky was plagiarized by writer Alexander Theroux in 1994, apparently because Theroux failed to source his notes (
Works by nine mystical and spiritual poets, written over the span of three thousand years, are translated so readers can enjoy some of the world's most inspiring literature
Throughout their 600-year history the Bauls of Bengal, India have kept no official scriptures. Their esoteric spiritual teachings on the use of breath, sex and devotion are encoded in the words of their songs/poems. This is a translation of 204 songs, including an extensive introduction to the history and faith of the Bauls, and the composition of their music. Includes a CD of authentic Baul artists, recorded over the last forty years -- an exquisite presentation of a rarely documented genre.
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One small step for a man, one giant leap for music! The Beatles and the Race to the Moon were the DNA of the 1960's: Two adventurous threads continuously intertwined from 1960 to 1970. Into the Sky is "a scholarly book masquerading as fast-moving historical fiction." From "Flurry of Notes": "One of the best books I read last year was "Into the Sky with Diamonds" ... [RG] has written a book that everyone with a love for the Beatles, the Race to the Moon, or the '60s must read ... It's detailed but not boring, familiar but not stale. [RG] breathes new life and perspective to an entire decade in a joyful and enlightening way, and sheds new light and insight into a time that shook the world. I guarantee you'll wish both the book and the Beatles never stopped." From Amazon: "I totally enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend it for both people who were around to experience the events that occurred in the 60's and for the younger generation who will enjoy learning about an era of history that has had a huge impact." "This is one of the most fascinating books I have read in over 70 years! ... It is an absolute "MUST READ" for anyone interested in musical legend of the Beatles and the origins, failed attempts, and success of our Moon Mission."

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