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Her father was a wealthy Polish farmer. She has nearly completed all the steps to becoming a Catholic Nun when the Nazi’s came to Poland. Everyone in the convent was taken to Auschwitz. This is her life story including what happened in the camps and afterwards on the long journey back home thru the Black Forest.
"The Covered Smile" is a story of abuse, neglect, recovery, forgiveness, and triumph. Even though dentists described her case as hopeless due to neglect, Sonja survived surgical removal of most of her teeth at age 12. Here she shares her failures and victories, and teaches the value of faith and forgiveness.
The Zygonites are aliens who fled from their home planet Megalatta when it was destroyed by its neighbouring planets. As a result of radiation their females were rendered infertile and they now feed themselves entirely by enjoying the distress of others. Their leader, Zygon who has strong telepathic powers, plans to propagate a hybrid race by mating with human teenagers. Amanda lives with her husband Pete and their twin 15-year old daughters, Cathie and Rosie, in the New Forest near Lyndhurst. Cathie is raped by an alien and falls pregnant with a hybrid baby that resists all efforts to abort it. Fortunately for the human race Amanda herself is a telepathic hybrid having had a previous life on the planet Alpha and is able to enlist Alphas help to thwart Zygons plans on no less than three occasions. In her struggles Amanda is ably assisted by her friend Michael Woodman who as Megalon, king of Megalatta, was once her deadly enemy, but now with the aid of humanizing fluid, lives a relatively peaceful life with his wife Sonja and twin sons, running a farm near Brockenhurst. Unlike humans, both have the means to travel to Alpha in virtually no time at all.
Messages from heaven and miracles come to us in a variety of surprising and comforting ways. They come to us in dreams or in signs, from people we know and love, and from perfect strangers. And sometimes we’re even visited by an angel. However we receive these messages, or experience these miracles, we are reminded that love never dies. These true, personal stories will amaze, inspire and comfort you because you’ll read about ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences, and you’ll see that miracles do happen to good people. These 101 miraculous accounts will deepen your faith, renew your hope and open your eyes to the miracles around you.
Red Sonja has been untamed for 35 years, and along the way there have been some great artists who have helped make her one of the most successful heroines. Dynamite has created this very special book featuring Red Sonja and a selection of the exceptional artists who have depicted the She-Devil! Features the "sexy" art of Alex Ross, Michael Turner, Frank Cho, Jim Lee, Steve McNiven, George Perez, John Cassaday, Michael Turner, JG Jones, Mel Rubi, Neal Adams, and so many others, including unseen sketches and illustrations.
Sonja Kent is a bright and talented girl who was raised in the home of a domineering, abusive father and a passive mother. Her life is turned upside down at age sixteen, when her father's business fails and she is forced to move from Augusta, Georgia, to Jacksonville, Florida. Her college scholarship gone, and separated from her beloved Aunt Mabel and Grandmother Mary, Sonja finds solace in her music. Sonja does her best to survive in a home ruled by a money obsessed, selfish, and angry father. At First Baptist Church, Sonja plays the piano and meets Walter, the young choir director. She is swept off her feet by Walter and marries him. But rather than finding the escape from her father and the simple life of peace and stability she craves, Sonja quickly realizes she made a terrible mistake. Her husband is sexually abusive and emotionally disturbed. Her life becomes a dual existence, where she publicly pretends to be a happy, newly married woman, while privately she tries to convince her husband to stop hurting her and seek professional help. A woman of faith, Sonja fights for her marriage. But some things are not meant to be. Read how Sonja survives Behind the Closed Door of Marital Rape. Sarah Sewell Wolters began the study of piano at age five and music was the primary method for expressing her feelings. She wrote for political reasons during the Vietnam War and later published a book of poetry. Today she is a senior citizen with an empty nest and a brand new BA degree in technical communications. She lives in Virginia and is writing the sequel.
After years of neglect, organizational research has increasingly focused on emotions at work. This book is the first to bring together recent findings in one place and present a solid industrial/organizational research perspective on this complex area of inquiry. Emotions in the Workplace offers a concise, scholarly introduction to new developments and an overview of how basic theory and research in affect and emotions has influenced the science and practice of industrial/organizational psychology. A varied and distinguished group of contributors examines emotional regulation in organizations on a number of different levels, integrating research on individual, dyadic, group, and organizational-level phenomena. In one convenient volume, the book addresses a wide range of key topics, including aggression at work, emotional labor, the work-family interface, and more.

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