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Sound Thinking provides techniques and approaches to critically listen, think, talk and write about songs you hear or make. It provides tips on song writing, performing and music research. It encourages regular and deep thinking about music activities through reflective questions that help build a musical dialog that leads to deeper understanding.
A psychologist specializing in couples therapy provides an honest and compassionate guide to dealing with a spouse's or partner's love affair, from the one-night stand to the grand amour. • Illustrate and brings to life issues addressed across chapters through vignettes from the author's therapy sessions • Describes types of and motivations for affairs • Details the healing process and steps to either recover the relationship or "de-couple" • Explains special considerations and actions for stability in cases in which the couple has children • Clearly describes the psychological damage an affair may inflict and dares to explain the controversial possibility that some affairs may have positive effects
With Computational Thinking in Sound, veteran educators Gena R. Greher and Jesse M. Heines provide the first book ever written for music fundamentals educators that is devoted specifically to music, sound, and technology. Using a student-centered approach that emphasizes project-based experiences, the book provides music educators with multiple strategies to explore, create, and solve problems with music and technology in equal parts. It also provides examples of hands-on activities that encourage students, alone and in groups, to explore the basic principles that underlie today's music technology and freely available multimedia creation tools. Computational Thinking in Sound is an effective tool for educators to introduce students to the complex process of computational thinking in the context of the creative arts through the more accessible medium of music.

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