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Sous vide has been a popular cooking technique in restaurants for years, offering tender and succulent dishes cooked to perfection. Now, from the creator of Nomiku--the first affordable sous vide machine--comes this easy-to-follow cookbook that clearly illustrates how to harness the power of sous vide technology to achieve restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Discover the stress-free way to cook a delicious (and never dry!) Thanksgiving turkey along with all the trimmings, classics like Perfect Sous Vide Steak and Duck Confit, and next-level appetizers like Deep Fried Egg Yolks. Including over 100 recipes for everything from Halibut Tostadas, Grilled Asparagus with Romesco, and Chicken Tikka Masala, to Dulce de Leche, Hassle-Free Vanilla Ice Cream, and even homemade Coffee-Cardamom Bitters, Sous Vide at Home has you covered for every occasion.
Kindle MatchBook: Buy the paperback edition and get the Kindle edition FREE! THE TOP 100 HEALTHY AND SOPHISTICATED SOUS-VIDE RECIPES WITH PHOTOS, SERVING SIZE, AND NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION FOR EVERY SINGLE RECIPE! There is a revolutionary new way to enjoy remarkable, home-cooked, healthy meals without spending a fortune at Michelin-starred restaurants or spending your whole life in the kitchen! 100 of the very best Sous Vide recipes! The Sous Vide is rapidly taking its place as one of the most popular kitchen appliances for discerning and sophisticated palates. Using the Sous Vide method to cook delicious meals at home is an easy way to elevate your dining and lifestyle while reclaiming your health and well-being. Food isn't meant to be bland and boring any more then it is meant to be loaded with unpronounceable chemicals. Food is meant to be enjoyed and savored at home with the people you care about most. Now that Sous-Vide cooking has become an option for any home cook, enjoying the most amazing meals of your life doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either. Cooking using the sous-vide method means you can prepare elaborate, healthy, tasty meals at home for your entire family without slaving away for hours in the kitchen! Sous-vide cooking lets you save money and time while still enjoying the best home-cooked meals you've ever made! 100 healthy and tasty Sous-Vide recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all with complete nutritional information, serving sizes, and pictures! This Sous Vide cookbook makes it easy to get the most out of your Sous Vide appliance! With easy breakfast recipes, fresh and fast lunch recipes, and mouth-watering dinner recipes, this one Sous Vide cookbook gives you enough amazing Sous Vide recipes to last you for months or even years without getting bored! Each and every recipe includes a photo of the meal as well as serving size and nutritional information. Enjoy some of the best meals of your life all while improving your health and losing weight! This collection of 100 of the best Sous Vide recipes truly lets you have it all! Eating meals cooked using the sous vide method does not mean you are on a boring, bland, or starvation diet. Eating bland and weird food might be one way to consume healthy food, but that is not what the sous vide lifestyle is all about. Let's face it: if eating healthy food isn't enjoyable, sooner or later it becomes impossible to stick to. Don't set yourself up for failure! Grab these amazing sous vide recipes now and learn the many delicious possibilities you could have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today and every day for a weeks to come! Cooking with the Sous Vide method can be fun and easy, but only when you know the right recipes! For less than the cost of visiting a fast food restaurant, you can get your hands on months of sous vide recipes, all with complete nutritional information, serving sizes, and pictures in this Sous Vide cookbook. Every recipe is easy to make, requires no significant cooking expertise, and is so healthy and delicious you will be proud to serve these meals to your family and friends. World class meals you can serve to your family and friends with pride! Sous Vide master and fine-dining aficionado Hugo Robitaille has assembled an award winning collection of the absolute best Sous vide recipe that any home cook can enjoy. These recipes will convince anyone you're secretly a world class chef, even though cooking with the sous vide method couldn't be easier! Don't miss out! Grab the paperback edition of this book today and claim your free Kindle edition with Kindle MatchBook! Make a small investment in this award winning collection of sous vide recipes today and permanently elevate your home cooking and dining experience!
Learn Top Restaurant Secrets Today! Our Chef's show you restaurant style techniques that "Only the Pro's Know!" Cook all the finest foods you've always wanted and get the quality taste every time! We've made this "Sous Vide" book easy read and as simple as 1...2...3 to use! Impress your family and friends with this new tool you have for all your cooking!Enjoy all of the "Gourmet Foods" that we have prepared for you in this Delicious, New, One of a Kind tool for your kitchen cooking!Here is just a taste of some of the meals you will enjoy! CHICKEN Port Wine Chicken With Creamy Mushroom SauceSriracha Garlic Teriyaki Chicken WingsTeriyaki ChickenPesto ChickenBEEF Beef Garlic And Shallot Meatballs Smoked Paprika Roast Beef Boneless Strip Steak Korean Kalbi Short Ribs PORK Chipotle Apple Pork Loin Southwestern Pork Tenderloin Minced Garlic Fresh Herb Rubbed Pork Chops Brown Sugared Paprika Rubbed Pork Chops SEAFOOD Cilantro Lime Shrimp Poached Salmon With Basil Butter Brown Butter Scallops Salmon VEGETABLES Candied Sweet Potatoes Pickled Asparagus Spicy Pickled Vegetable Medley Turmeric Pickled Cauliflower RISOTTO Artichoke & Roasted Red Pepper Risotto Spring Vegetable Risotto Garlic Cheese Risotto Turkey & Mushroom Risotto EGGS Caramelized Onion And Broccoli Paleo Egg Bites Scrambled Eggs Chorizo And Cheddar Omelet Parmesan And Scallion Omelet COCKTAILS & BEVERAGES Bacon Infused Bourbon Jalapeno Vodka Apple And Cardamom Gin Ginger Infused Brandy DESSERT Mini Cheesecake Chocolate Pot De Crème White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pot De Crème Caramel Apple Rice Pudding SAUCESMango Chutney Stout Spiked Grain Mustard Cranberry Sauce Bourbon Apple Chutney INFUSED OIL & VINEGARBlackberry & Basil Infused Vinegar Blood Orange & Rosemary Infused Vinegar Vanilla Lemon Thyme Oil Lemon Ginger Oil Crazy Delicious Authentic Sous Vide Cooking just like they are made in the most popular high end restaurants. If you have kids then get them involved in this new revolutionary cooking process. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!ORDER YOUR COPY AND A GIFT FOR A FRIEND NOW! FREE Two-Day Shipping for Amazon Prime Members!GET YOUR COPY . Enjoy! :)DISCLAIMER: This book is independently published by, and is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any of the products mentioned in this book. All other company and product names are the trademarks of their respective owners.
Easy no-fuss recipes to make delicious sous vide dishes at home Sous vide is the hottest new kitchen technique, with immersion circulators selling for as little as $65 at Home Depot. Once the exclusive domain of high-end chefs, sous vide is now accessible to any home cook with a desire for perfectly cooked, scientifically calibrated cuisine. Most of the sous vide books on the cookbook shelf are very high-end, with complicated recipes using obscure ingredients. Simple Sous Vide offers 200 recipes for meals home cooks will actually want to make, like BBQ-Style Pulled Pork, Garlic-Herb Strip Steak, and Glazed Rainbow Carrots, using common ingredients found in any supermarket.
Early Discount Pricing...Limited Time Only! Restaurant Quality Cooking DONE RIGHT AT HOME These Sous Vide recipes are a great asset to have as a part of your recipe playbook in preparing food in your kitchen. We''ve made this process easy to follow and great to eat! That''s why this book is a must have for your kitchen. We''ve "Packed a Punch" by adding these hand selected menu items for your devouring needs. Just put the food in your sous vide air sealed bag and turn on your Sous Vide. You can even walk away and control this device from your smart phone! Now That''s Amazing in Itself!Most of these recipes inside of this book are very healthy indeed! We always want to keep in mind that there are lots of families wanting to eat as clean and healthy as they can.CHECK OUT THESE DELICIOUS VARIETIES YOU WILL SOON BE MAKING! Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Chicken with Citrus Maple Glaze Honey Garlic Chicken Wings Spicy Citrusy Aji Amarilo Chicken Wings 4 Alarm Habanero Chicken Wings Beef Korean Kalbi Short Ribs Hanger Steak Beef Meatballs Tuscan Rib Eye Steak Smoked Brisket Pork Miso Soy Glazed Pork Chops Asian Marinated Pork Belly Spice Rubbed Pulled Pork Bacon Chipotle Apple Pork Loin Seafood Cilantro Lime Shrimp Poached Salmon with Basil Butter Brown Butter Scallops Lobster Tails with Tarragon and Butter Halibut with Citrus Sauce Squid with Garlic and Parsley Sauce Vegetables Parmesan Garlic Asparagus Blackened Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Bacon Asian Inspired Bok Choy Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes Candied Sweet Potatoes Risotto Garlic Cheese Risotto Artichoke & Roasted Red Pepper Risotto Turkey & Mushroom Risotto Spring Vegetable Risotto Fennel Risotto Eggs Roasted Red Pepper Egg White Bites Caramelized Onion and Broccoli Paleo Egg Bites Chorizo and Cheddar Omelet Parmesan and Scallion Omelet Japanese Savory Egg Custard (Chawanmushi) Deviled Eggs Cocktails & Beverages Crème De Coco Jalapeno Vodka Apple and Cardamom Gin Ginger Infused Brandy Habanero Tequila Bacon Infused Bourbon Cold Brew Coffee Lemon Ice Tea Raspberry Mint Ice Tea Hibiscus punch Red Wine Plum Shrub Dessert Masala Chai Crème Brulee Honey Lavender Poached Peaches Poached Pears with Cabernet Reduction Mini Cheesecake Chocolate Pot De Creme White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pot De Creme Caramel Apple Rice Pudding Mini Lemon Chia Cakes Sauces Mango Chutney Stout Spiked Grain Mustard Cranberry Sauce Bourbon Apple Chutney Hollandaise Sauce Infused Oil & Vinegar Blackberry & Basil Infused Vinegar Blood Orange & Rosemary Infused Vinegar Vanilla Lemon Thyme Oil Lemon Ginger Oil Coriander Curry Leaf Oil We''ve also included some "Mouth-Watering Marinades" as a SPECIAL BONUS!It''s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! FREE Two-Day Shipping for Amazon Prime Members! DISCLAIMER: This book is independently published by, and is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any of the products mentioned in this book. All other company and product names are the trademarks of their respective owners.
A follow-up to the successful Sous Vide at Home, with 65 recipes for easy weeknight meals using this popular cooking technique to greatest effect. Sous Vide Made Simple couples the home sous vide machine with a do-ahead approach to help you streamline your cooking. The book centers around foolproof master recipes for flawless meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables that can be made quickly and easily (and in advance!) with your home immersion circulator, and then 50 spin-off recipes for turning these into crowd-pleasing full meals. Nearly all of the recipes can be prepped in advance, and then finished using a conventional cooking method, and on the table in under an hour. Unlike other sous vide cookbooks, Sous Vide Made Simple isn't just meat and potatoes, instead, it's packed with vegetables, lighter fare, and globally inspired food, like Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa, Cauliflower Steaks with Almonds and Kalamata Yogurt Sauce, Carnitas Tacos with Salsa Verde, and Eggplant Shakshuka—as well as improved classics like Beef Bourguignon Pot Roast and Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Chutney—and every recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photograph. Partly a how-to manual and partly a cookbook, Sous Video Made Simple gives the home cook, sous vide novice and old pro alike, all the information and encouragement to incorporate sous vide technology into a delicious everyday cooking repertoire.
Whether you re just starting to sous vide or looking to improve your sous vide skills, the foolproof instructions in The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook will help you recreate your favorite restaurant experiences using the ease of sous vide with this collection of simple yet delectable recipes. Cooking sous vide is a technique like no other. The quality of sous vide meals is nearly impossible to achieve through traditional cooking methods. However, creating an impressive sous vide dish is surprisingly easy especially with the right sous vide cookbook. Food writer Sarah James came to sous vide by happenstance. She was introduced while working as a food editor and, though she d never sous vided before, her interest was peaked enough to purchase one of the first machines to market. What began as a curious interest quickly became an obsession that eventually led her to create the popular food blog In The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook, Sarah offers creative recipes for making your own restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of your own kitchen. You ll prepare perfectly tender meats, enhance the vibrant flavors in your favorite vegetables, create luscious desserts, and even make your favorite cocktails. SOUS VIDE 101 Even those familiar with the technique need a refresher. Get ready for success by reviewing the basics including selecting a sous vide machine (if you don t have one already!) and the proper way to prep, season, and cook. PRIMED AND READY The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook includes a troubleshooting guide for any issues that may arise, as well as temperature and cook time charts for when you re ready to try the technique on your own. EXCITING RECIPES Enjoy recipes that will satisfy all your cravings whether it be hearty chili, juicy hamburgers, crispy french fries, Korean-style BBQ, or ice cream made to order. This sous vide cookbook also features recipes from chefs and bloggers around the web. TIPS & TRICKS Helpful features such as unique substitution suggestions, a kitchen tool guide, and interesting sous vide facts will take your sous vide know-how to the next level. Whether you re just starting out or you re a seasoned home cook, The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook delivers everything that you need to sous vide with all the gain and none of the fuss. "

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