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This unique reference book meticulously lists a vast variety of the extensive South American flora, in particular the one of Venezuela. Pharmacists, pharmacologists, toxicologists and botanists will find that this encyclopaedia unprecedented in depth and detail. In an A-Z format, more than 80 plant families are covered. Botanical information of the individual species is given together with their specific use in traditional South American medicine. More than 250 detailed figures allow easy identification.
This volume is a compilation of plenary lectures presented at the IOCD/CYTED Symposium held in Panama City, Panama in 1997, and covers different aspects of research into plants from North, South and Central America. The topics treated all revolve around the chemistry, pharmacology, and biology of these plants. The importance of pharmaceuticals derived from plant sources is described, together with the potential of ethnomedicine for providing new leads in the search for bioactive constituents. The biodiversity of the Americas is underlined and an idea is given of the urgency with which the flora must be studied.
A guide of the most commonly used and best known SA medicinal plants including their botany, traditional uses and active ingredients
The concept of sustainable development brought development and environment together. It was an "idealogical bridge' between the traditional and modern sectors by recognizing the significance of indigenous people's holistic knowledge of the environment and management of natural resources.
This book presents the opinions of an international panel of specialists that explored the agricultural, commercial, ecological, legal, pharmacological and social future of medicinal and aromatic plants. It represents a wide collection of views, reflecting the diversity of disciplines and interests of the panel members. It highlights the necessity of continued and integrated research on plant sources, conservation, bioactivity, analysis and marketing in examining future scenarios for application and sale of medicinal and aromatic plants. It shows the need for proof of efficacy and safety in drug development and the need to recognize societies contributing plant materials. The development of safe and effective medicinal and aromatic plant products depends upon the collaborative efforts of growers, collectors, conservationists, processors and businesses along with those of educators, sociologists, researchers and investors in developed and developing societies.
Provides an herb directory with photographic index, guidelines for growing medicinal plants and making home remedies, and historical and cultural perspectives for hebal medicine around the world.
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