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Now boarding: Southern Cross, tanker flight 73 to Titan. Alex Braith is tracing her sister's steps to the refinery moon, hoping to collect her remains and find some answers. The questions keep coming though„and they lead her down a path of intrigue, betrayal, and galactic horror. Collects SOUTHERN CROSS #1-6.
In 1783, Thomas Kendall, a naive nineteen-year-old sentenced to transportation for burglary, finds himself in Sydney Town and a new life in the wild and lawless land So begins this story which is as much that of the city of Sydney as it is a family chronicle. With her uncanny ability to bring history to life in Technicolor, Judy Nunn traces the fortunes of Thomas Kendall's descendents through the booms and the crashes, two devastating wars and several social revolutions up to the present, vividly drawing the events, the ideas and issues that have made have made Sydney siders what they are today.
The SOUTHERN CROSS rises from the methane sea of Titan for its third terrifying season! Retired detective Hazel Conroy and her unlikely crew of misfits, mutants, and liars board the cursed spaceship for what might be their final adventure. Surprising, smart, and delightfully scary, SOUTHERN CROSS is the most fun you can have without getting killed by aliens. Collects issues 13-18.
In April 1862, the Civil War was entering its second year and North Carolina was rallying to supply more troops for the Confederacy. The Partisan Ranger Act, passed by the Confederate Congress on April 21, prompted local leaders to recruit companies of irregular soldiers for service in the Confederate Army. Seven such companies were banded together into a regiment to form the 4th North Carolina Cavalry: a true cross-section of North Carolina, it contained soldiers from the largest urban areas and smallest rural areas from fifteen counties. This history of the 4th North Carolina Cavalry is based largely on primary source material--the official records, letters, diaries and recollections of the soldiers. The 4th North Carolina saw action in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and was a part of General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. The roster comprises a large part of the book and provides biographical, genealogical and military information about each soldier.

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