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From the writer of Volleyball Super Bowl comes Space Racers, a story of a future time when the Earth is engulfed in a new ice age and the majority of humanity lives in space. Seventy percent of the human population is enslaved while the remaining thirty percent enjoy a life of power and luxury. Rhett Alexson, former slave and mechanic, enters the sport of space racing, a sport normally dominated by the upper class, and a competition that takes him for a race around every planet in the Solar System. Humanity may be fortunate enough to survive into the future, but the future is far from ideal.
Space Racers contains everything you need to press out and make your own paper rocket models. From the rocket that made the first manned space flight, Vostok K, to the future of space travel, the Skylon space plane. Use the easy to use, step-by-step instructions to build eight historically accurate rockets and two imaginary rockets, which are left blank for your own designs. A separate booklet introduces you to the exhilarating world of rocket science and space exploration, and includes fun and detailed fact files for each rocket. This is an exciting kit for space enthusiasts aged eight to adult.
American Defense Policy has been a mainstay for instructors of courses in political science, international relations, military affairs, and American national security for over 25 years. The updated and thoroughly revised eighth edition considers questions of continuity and change in America's defense policy in the face of a global climate beset by geopolitical tensions, rapid technological change, and terrorist violence. On September 11, 2001, the seemingly impervious United States was handed a very sharp reality check. In this new atmosphere of fear and vulnerability, policy makers were forced to make national security their highest priority, implementing laws and military spending initiatives to combat the threat of international terrorism. In this volume, experts examine the many factors that shape today's security landscape -- America's values, the preparation of future defense leaders, the efforts to apply what we have learned from Afghanistan and Iraq to the transformation of America's military, reflection on America's nuclear weapons programs and missile defense, the threat of terrorism, and the challenges of homeland security -- which are applied to widely varied approaches to national defense strategy. This invaluable and prudent text remains a classic introduction to the vital security issues facing the United States throughout its history and breaks new ground as a thoughtful and comprehensive starting point in understanding American defense policy and its role in the world today.
Marauders. A Novel. As the human race expanded into the heavens it became immediately clear we were alone in our Galaxy. The Galaxy had not always been empty of intelligent life however. The ruins of numerous civilizations dotted the expanse of the Milky Way. Some of these ruins were millions of years old but why and where the owners went was a mystery the human race had never been able to solve. Some believed that there was or had been a mysterious race of plunderers and destroyers which solely targeted intelligent civilizations but no hard evidence had ever been unearthed. The mysterious race of annihilators had been dubbed the Civilization Destroyers. The Chino-Federation war was over but tensions between the two remained high. Both the Federation and the Chinese Empire possessed massive Navies yet when the machine invaders arrived at the outskirts of the Chinese holdings the Chinese were swept before them with almost no resistance. Characters of note; Kimmy and Spencer Brummell. Bill and Yates. Joey, Misty and Matthew of the Black Cat Squadron of Federation fighters. Charlie and Ryan. Professional Space Racers. Together with the rest of humanity they must repel the invaders or the human race would add its ruins to those of its extinct predecessors. Thank you and enjoy. Ronald Wintrick
Y. Fujimori, Symposium Programme Committee Chair, and Faculty Member, International Space University e-mail: [email protected] isunet. edu M. Rycroft, Faculty Member, International Space University e-mail: [email protected] isunet. edu Building on the foundations provided by the International Space Station, now partially constructed and already in use in low Earth orbit, what will be the future directions of human spaceflight? This was the key question discussed from many viewpoints - technical, entrepreneurial, governmental, legal - at the seventh Annual Symposium held in Strasbourg, France, early in June 2002. Many ideas on the "whys" and the "hows" of our future exploration of the final frontier were put forward in a stimulating environment. The unique perspective of the International Space University (ISU) - namely an interdisciplinary, international and intercultural perspective - enhanced both the presentations and the discussions. More than 150 people attended the Symposium, including the current members of the Master of Space Studies class who are attending an 11 month course at ISU. They are young professionals and postgraduate students who develop in-depth some part of the broad Symposium theme in their parallel Team Projects. Their final reports will be completed at the end of July 2002, and will be published independently. 1 Beyond the ISS: The Future of Human Spaceflight Keynote Address: A Summary The Need for a New Vision E. Vallerani, Advanced Logistic Technology Engineering Center, The Italian Gateway to the ISS, Corso Marche 79, Torino 10146, Italy e-mail: vallerani. [email protected]

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