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Program is a guide to making professional presentations. It provides the techniques needed to make impressive and informative presentations.
Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy.Girl gets friend to help win boy.Friend ends up with crush on boy... Skylar's got ambitious #goals. And if she wants them to come true, she has to get to work now. (At least she thinks so...) Step one in her epic plan is showing everyone that her latest app is brilliant. To do that, she's going to use it to win State at the Scholastic Exposition, the nerdiest academic competition around.First, she'll need a team, and Skylar's not always so good with people. But she'll do whatever it takes to put one together ... even if it means playing Cupid for her teammates Joey and Zane, at Joey's request. When things get off to an awkward start for them, Skylar finds herself stepping in to help Joey. Anything to keep her on the team. Only, Skylar seems to be making everything more complicated. Especially when she realizes she might be falling for Zane, which was not a #goal. Can Skylar figure out her feelings, prove her app's potential to the world, and win State without losing her friends--or is her path to greatness over before it begins?
If you think that talking is easy, think again! Why? Because, whether at a meeting at work or a dinner party at home, what you’re saying and how you’re saying it matters. It can open doors - or close them; it can make you friends - or lose them; it can get you noticed - or forgotten. Wish you were a raconteur? Or a brilliant public speaker? Maybe you just want to be more confident, clever, persuasive or provocative in everyday conversations. Whatever you want, with some simple, fun and effective techniques Speak for Yourself will help you master: Your voice – make an impact and be heard by changing how you breathe and speak Your words – grab and hold attention with the power of storytelling and active listening Your style – get the most from conversations, presentations and meetings Speak for Yourself is packed with winning ways to help you walk, talk and interact with others while exuding confidence and calm. It’ll get you noticed and leave them wanting more.
"Acknowledges that standardized writing instruction has silenced student voices and challenges teachers to create writing classrooms in which students take ownership of their work, enjoy what they're writing, and produce writing that shows depth of thought and originality of expression"--
Speak for Yourself is a poetry group based out of Utah Valley. SFYS was started in high school. Our goal is to not only keep poetry alive, but also move it forward; SFYS hosts poetry slams, open mic nights, and the occasional poetry reading; we create poetry videos, and give artists, poets, and musicians a chance to showcase their work in front of a respectful audience of 60+ people. We want to make sure that every closet poet has the chance for their voice to be heard. This is our first book. You can watch various videos from SFYS poetry nights and side projects at http: // You can also get the latest updates at our face book page: http: // For more information, or to contact, please send us and email at [email protected]
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Be self-assured and confident everytime you speak.

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