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Caillou is so excited--his Uncle Felix, whom he's never met, is coming for dinner. Yet he doesn't quite understand who Uncle Felix is and why he's getting so much attention from Mommy and Daddy. Full color.
Caillou is so excited—his Uncle Felix, who he’s never met, is coming for dinner. Yet he doesn’t quite understand who Uncle Felix is and why he’s getting so much attention from Mommy and Daddy. Caillou feels more involved in the preparations when Mommy asks him to help her make a cake and to set the table.
The neighborhood children work out a plan to keep Mr. and Mrs. Bumba from moving out of the house they are renting.
If you are someone who prepares for guests by sweeping bills, laundry and newspapers behind sofa cushions, take heart! It's possible to be an imperfect host, but happily so. The essential ingredient is not, paradoxically, the food, nor the perfect house to host in, but the sentiment you convey when you open the door. Do your eyes say: 'I like you and I enjoy your company,' or does a weepy cloud of visceral horror descend as pine nuts burn quietly in the kitchen? Special Guest is a gentle guide to turning easy basic fare into something of a celebration. For when you want to say to your friends with their spouses and ten small children, 'Why don't you stay for lunch?' without hating yourself afterwards. Learn the lesson of 'one splendid thing done well' without regard to the hundred other things, and call the day a success. Pick up some pointers for the modern conundrum that is cooking for people with seemingly incompatible dietary requirements. Hosting your friends is not about showing off; it is about delighting others. Your dining table might be decorated with a pile of unmatched socks and kids' homework, but that's no reason not to invite friends in for a chat, a sit-down and something delicious to eat. Annabel Crabb is one of Australia's best-loved TV and media personalities and a joyfully imperfect host. Wendy Sharpe is Annabel's oldest friend, a recipe consultant on Kitchen Cabinet and co-conspirator in mad-capped cookery projects.
Sharon McCarthy and her friends loved Mrs. Ruth, as did her parents and the parents of her friends. Mrs. Ruth was an elderly Jewish Christian women, who taught Bible Lessons to these children every Saturday afternoon. However, only Sam and Lydia McCarthy, who were Sharons parents, had ever met this lady. Sams coworker George Dickerson knew nothing about these lessons the lady was teaching and had to be encouraged to let his oldest son, Joey, attend. But eventually, about nine of Sharon and Joeys friends were involved in Mrs. Ruths home studies. These children and their families were unique because they truly loved their God, their parents, and Mrs. Ruth. But later on everyone, including the teacher would be introduced to Obadiah, as he called himself and who was a very strange young man indeed, yet they all learned to love him deeply. The parents and other adults, too, felt sad and devastated when he suddenly left them one evening in a very fantastically strange way. Who was this man, and where did he come from?

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