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The delicate bitterroot flower brings color and warmth to all who see it. By surviving freezing winters, it attests to the great enduring strength of gentleness. Metaphorically, in this book, the bitterroot is a warm fuzzy that can be shared with friends and strangers alike. Let the pages of this book bring warmth and color and the strength of gentleness to your world. Learn how to get what you want and need and make others and yourself happy as you do so.
When Daniel Fulkerson entered medical school, he pictured neurosurgery as a serious business that demanded precision, a harsh attitude, and a complete absence of fun. But after falling backwards into the specialty, Dr. Fulkerson found neurosurgery to be a field filled with joy, sadness, a little humor, and courageous and inspiring patients. In an honest and compelling retelling of his long and winding road to train and then practice as a pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Fulkerson guides others through his journey from medical school to service on a small military base, through residency training, and finally, to a practice in a highly specialized childrens hospital. The journey reveals the dramatic swings of emotions experienced by both patients and doctors in an increasingly hostile medical environment. Dr. Fulkerson also shares stories of dedicated professors who train medical students and resident surgeons to care for the tiniest neurosurgical patients. Nothing Good Happens at The Baby Hospital offers a compelling glimpse into the joys, tragedies, and hopeful moments that surround the highly specialized and sometimes silly world of pediatric neurosurgery.
When Cindy Price and her husband, Michael, were pregnant with their sixth child, early tests indicated the unborn baby boy had a crippling birth defect, spina bifida. The medical profession recommended abortion, but the Price family, through prayer, chose birth and life. In Rolling Forth with Faith, Michael Price shares the family's account of successfully raising their special needs child, Evan Neil, into adulthood. It narrates a tale of deep despair and ultimate triumphs, a testimony of uplifting guidance from the Lord, and a celebration of their son's accomplishments and good humor. Price narrates how he and Cindy relied on their friends in the church, their community, and their family to navigate the challenges. The story of one family's journey of faith, Rolling Forth with Faith tells of Evan's growth, his strength, his humor, and the new normal it brought to his family. It shows how he continues to be a quiet example to all who know, admire, and love him.
Defines words and concepts currently used in psychiatry. Incorporates terms included in the DSM IIIR.

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