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Spirit and Sacrament by pastor and author Andrew Wilson is an impassioned call to join together two traditions that are frequently and unnecessarily kept separate. It is an invitation to pursue the best of both worlds in worship, the Eucharistic and the charismatic, with the grace of God at the center. Wilson envisions church services in which healing testimonies and prayers of confession coexist, the congregation sings When I Survey the Wondrous Cross followed by Happy Day, and creeds move the soul while singing moves the body. He imagines a worship service that could come out of the book of Acts: Young men see visions, old men dream dreams, sons and daughters prophesy, and they all come together to the same Table and go on their way rejoicing. In short, Spirit and Sacrament is an appeal to bring out of the church's storehouse all of its treasures, so that God's people can worship our unrivaled Savior with sacraments and spiritual gifts, raised hands and lowered faces.
The rediscovery of the Holy Spirit is the great novelty of the postconciliar period. The constitutive role of the invocation of the Holy Spirit as dealt within this book urges us to reconsider all in the unity of the Holy Spirit.
From Glory to Glory encourages scriptural/communal prayer. Texts are selected from the Gospel of John and the Letters of Paul.
Christians tend to divide into three camps: evangelical, sacramental, and pentecostal. But must we choose between them? Drawing on the New Testament, Christian history, and years of experience in Christian ministry, Gordon T. Smith argues that the church not only can be all three, but in fact must be all three in order to truly be the church.
Welcome the Spirit was developed by the Diocese of Leeds RE Centre and extensively piloted in that diocese. It provides material for Confirmation preparation in an introductory session and eight meetings.

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