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Argues that many episodes of transformational crisis have been misdiagnosed as mental illness, and explains how to use such a crisis for spiritual development
A feast of revealing narratives expose the amazing story of how people deal with critical points in personal transformation, also known as spiritual emergency. With the increase of interest in yoga, meditation, mental health recovery, and recovery from addiction there is renewed interest in care that is not based on medication as much as empathy and compassionate companionship. This book helps anyone who doesn't have a language to understand intense inner experiences and confuses them with mental illness. If you have felt disoriented by intense spiritual experiences this book will help you understand where you are and where you may be heading. It is a map of the journey of spiritual awakening written by a psychologist who knows the territory well. Reading it may make the difference between heading off to the hospital to get drugs to stop the symptoms or staying home and knowing you are OK. Just because you have had a conversation with your spirit guide, or talked to the spirit of someone who has passed away doesn't mean you are having a breakdown. It could mean you are having a breakthrough to a higher level of functioning. The author is a psychologist and knows the territory.
Personal stories of spiritual crises are presented alongside practical and effective guidance in this exploration of a fascinating phenomenon. When spiritual emergencies, such as mystical psychosis and dark nights of the soul, are understood, managed, and integrated, they can offer enormous potential for growth and fulfillment, and this book offers three key phases for successful navigation. Encouraging, supportive, and life-saving, this resource is essential for avoiding the mental, emotional, or spiritual paralysis or exhaustion that can result from underestimating the current age of increased individual and global emergencies.
We’re all familiar with 911, the federal alpha code, used across the country in the event of an emergency. 911 meets in-the-moment efficiency because of the convenience of dialing 3 numbers to reach someone in the case of emergency. Dialing 911 has grown to become an instinctive practice taught in schools, induced in our communities and has intertwined in the formality of health, other daily oriental policies and of course emergencies – all of which we can conclude as the major elements of stimulation in life; that help us function when need it the most. The spiritual realm experiences moments like this as well. Moments when we need a little bit more Jesus. 911, as a federal emergency system only reaches the remedies of the physical realm. It is a pleasure to share with you “911: The Spiritual Emergency System” – 9 scriptures, One God, One Word.
When is the last time a phrase went through your head for the umpteenth time before you caught it by the tail ? The phrases that go through our minds drive our lives. These phrases come in moods just like the weather, and often it doesn't occur to us that we make this weather and can change it. There seems to be a consensus that we need to change our consciousness, make a quatum leap, and get ready for the shift. Many people have already stocked up on duct tape and started meditating; there is no shortage of books telling us what to do. Until now however there was no book that gave an actual demonstration of self-help phrases that can be used in a spiritual emergency. Please enjoy this collection of personal essays---"Alice's new work is terrific. She brings gravity and personality to every page, and remains one of the slyest wits out there. The work is concentrated and forceful -- she's on a roll." -Jonathan Lethem.
Spiritual emergencies are moments of messy awakening, crises of ego dissolution and rebirth that are often misunderstood and unskillfully managed by materialist psychiatry. As more Westerners meditate and are drawn to psychedelics to foster their psycho-spiritual growth, mystical experiences are becoming more common - yet some of them will be disturbing and difficult. There is an urgent need for our culture to upgrade its understanding of what these experiences are like and what helps people through the turbulence. Breaking Open is the first book in which people discuss their own spiritual emergencies and share what helped them through. The contributors are the experts of their own experience, and they share their wild journeys with courage, insight, and poetry. There are fascinating parallels in their experiences, suggesting minds in extremis go to similar places. These are beautiful postcards from the edge of human consciousness, testaments to the soul's natural resilience. These people have returned from their descent with valuable insights for our culture, as we go through a collective spiritual emergency, with old myths and structures breaking down, and new possibilities breaking open. What is there beyond our present egocentric model of reality? What tools can help us navigate the emergence?
A comprehensive summary of the author's revolutionary approach to psychosis.

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