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Brady offers detailed interpretations of an individual's natal heliacal rising and setting stars--stars that yield insight into the nature of one's soul and spiritual path. Additionally she provides a comprehensive listing of the meaning of every star when combined with all the planets and nodal axis, for natal as well as predictive use.
Alphabetically arranged entries cover the history of astrology from ancient Mesopotamia to the 21st century. In addition to surveying the Western tradition, the book explores Islamic, Indian, East Asian, and Mesoamerican astrology. • Provides alphabetically arranged reference entries that delineate the historical and cultural significance of astrology from ancient Mesopotamia to the present • Directs direct users to additional sources of information via entry bibliographies • Offers sidebars offer additional facts from primary source documents • Incorporates a timeline to help readers to place astrological developments in chronological context • Features an introductory essay for a narrative overview of the history of astrology, priming readers on its cultural relevance
Starseeds Remembering their Celestial Selves Amanda Jane DeMarco 'IndigoAngel' provides a unique methodology for easily determining one's Starseed Origins in accordance to their synergistic relationship with the Moon and the Original Earth Template. Following the Celestial markers of the Lunar Mansions. Starseeds being the Celestial progression of ascension into the Galactic and Quantum realms of Cognition and Spirituality. This Comprehensive How-to Book is written through a Multi-Dimensional Lense, giving one deeper intro-spectrum into the galactic framework of Celestial self-awareness. Discover your Starseed Origins and be able to give Readings to your Family and Friends
Proceedings volume for researchers and graduate students of exoplanetary astrophysics, a rapidly evolving discipline.
Planets in the cosmos affect the lives on earth; we know that all forms of life on earth are made up of building blocks from planets around the earth. Essentially, these planets therefore exert their control, on the lives of human beings on earth. These planets send electromagnetic radiation and rays to earth, both weak and strong which demonstrates one aspect of their ability to influence lives. Human beings are continuing to understand these effects through many years of analytical work and case studies which is the basis of astrology. Humans are able to reasonably protect themselves from negative impacts of the planets and avoid unwanted effects. Meteorologists, other scientists and astrologists are not playing God; they are studying, understanding, developing and protecting humans on earth from such negative influences. There are many areas of interest for humans; things that affect all of our lives, such as health, wealth, education, married life, childbirth and employment. Making decisions on these areas are also effected as we are using our mind, feelings and personal judgment. Planets essentially affect our mind, hence altering our abilities to make important decisions with positive or negative outcomes. When and how, the planets affect our lives can be understood to a certain extent, through the knowledge of astrology. This book does not cover all aspects of astrology to practice as an astrologer. People with limited or no knowledge of astrology trying to understand astrological jargons and predictions, will find this book useful in understanding the basics of astrology; yet, it also provides an interesting read for those who have never been previously exposed to astrology.
The scientific, historic, and popular basis behind the ancient art of astrology is explored in this comprehensive reference. The guide also includes a table of astrological glyphs and abbreviations, a section on casting a chart, and a chapter that explains and interprets every planet in every house and sign.

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