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Who are the star children? In recent years, much has been written about "gifted" children with special abilities, sometimes called "indigo children" or "crystal children." It is said that these children are coming to earth to help humanity in its development. Based on extensive research, Georg Kühlewind confirms that this new generation has been incarnating among us for the past couple of decades. This event, he states, is one of the most important of our age. Unlike many other contributors to this discussion, Kühlewind gives us the necessary background to follow experientially what he has to say. He takes us consciously and scientifically into the realm from which we all enter the world as babies, "trailing clouds of glory." We all possess the tools he describes for taking this path: our thoughts, our heart forces, and our willpower. By using these faculties with full attention--by focusing our attentiveness and eliminating everything else--we can enter the realm of the spirit where the prevailing laws are different from those on Earth. The author helps us by closing each chapter with themes for contemplation and meditation. Star Children is a compelling addition to the literature on the theme of "special children," offering a unique perspective based on spiritual science and research.
Many people on this planet, Earth, claim to have witnessed the aerial phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) while a significant number of them claim to have been abducted and had experiments performed on their bodies by Extra-Terrestrial Beings. However, the majority of Earthlings doubt the validity of such claims. And, despite unshakable evidence to the contrary, the governments of the world deny having ever had any contact with Other-Worldly, alien creatures. But what if the naysayers are wrong and the deniers are liars. Do the majority of Earthlings really believe that we are the only inhabitants of this vast, beyond-comprehension Universe? That it’s impossible for life to exist in far distant, unseeable, undiscovered galaxies? Well, what if . . .
"...noted UFOlogist and best-selling author Jenny Randles turns her attention to the fascinating accounts of those living among us whose origins may not be entirely human. Some star children believe that they are the hybrid offspring of aliens and humans, conceived during space abductions. Others may have extraterrestrial spirits living within their human bodies. These entities, often unaware of their own origins, may be growing up in our midst...Randles assesses these remarkable tales and looks at the possibilities of psychological and earthly explanations."--Gathering Alternative. "...her usual fair-minded analysis...."--FATE. 224 pages, 6 x 9.
Shelley Vecchitto's life has led her to working with people around the world by facilitating groups and helping seekers fulfill their highest purpose. Her gifts allow her to provide a bridge of understanding to those pursuing deep connection with their soul expression in this life, and that connection allowed Shelley to discover a truth of her own. Star Children offers a radical rethinking of the nature of children commonly considered troubled or ill, providing a refreshingly positive, spiritually-oriented perspective on the unconventional. Find out why Star Children are coming to earth, as well as the hidden messages behind miscarriage, childhood illness, and accidental death. This book is also a guide to self-knowledge and spiritual development for the friends, parents, and caretakers of Star Children, offering advice on how to nurture them. Learn to understand the Star Child you love while realizing that you, too, are a special Star Child. Exercises throughout the text offer ways to explore the material and incorporate it into your life, while Shelley's warm enthusiam encourages us all to break free from old limitations and discover inner strengths and abilities.
With the help of the Mother-of-Us-All, the star children visit the earth. Playing with the earth children, they discover many delights of Nature, and we discover some things about them.
A Vermonter rambles through the writing field for nearly three-quarters of a century. During the first part the flow in the field grows a crop of poetry. Then the course of growing produces a large quantity of messages delivered on Sunday mornings in a number of Vermont churches. Portion three of the field grows a limited crop of essays. In the final little corner of the field some small seeds of Christmas "editorials" from the "Brennan Chronicle" spring up and flourish. For more specific details, select for reading those portions which appeal to your interests.
Set in a distant past on the planet Natar/Inanna in the Pleiades. Star Child is a story of the descendants of the House of Ohr where it was prophesied that a Star Child who would lead the people into a new age of planetary peace among the Pleiades. This takes place during the dawn of earth man after the Lyrian wars. In the first book of the trilogy, Ed Russo takes you on a mystical journey. An outstanding blend of adventure, mysticism, science and politics that eventually brings them into uniting with the Intergalactic Federation. The teachings of the Pleiadians are incorporated into this story.

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