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In the same format as Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection, this sturdy paperback houses 20 removable, frameable prints of the very best artwork from across the entire George Lucas–curatedStar Wars Art series. Sixteen selections from Visions, Comics,Illustration, Concept, and Posters—including art by Jeffrey Brown, Philippe Druillet, Mike Mignola, Ralph McQuarrie, and Olly Moss—are joined by four newly commissioned artworks created specifically for this book by Max Dalton, Phantom City Creative, Tiny Kitten Teeth, and Jon Vermilyea. These high-quality, large-format, crease-free prints will be sure to transportStar Wars fans of all ages to a galaxy far, far away. . . .
A collection of movie poster art, spanning a century of science fiction cinema, includes posters from all the landmark films--from 2001, Bladerunner, and The Man Who Fell to Earth to the Star Wars and Alien series--as well as forgotten works and the B--movies of the 1940s.
Few pieces of artwork distill the passion for Star Wars as do posters. From Tom Jung's iconic one-sheet for Episode IV to Roger Kastel's Gone with the Wind-inspired painting for Episode V and beyond, Star Wars has enjoyed nearly four decades of poster art from some of the most renowned artists working in movies. The fifth book in the George Lucas-curated Star Wars Art series, Posters collects the best artwork from all six Star Wars films, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series, and limited-edition prints. This collection unites all of the action, artistry, and drama of a galaxy far, far away into one lavishly produced tome.
Feel the power of the Dark Side! The deadliest villain in the galaxy, Darth Vader, is celebrated in this sinister poster book - giving you an instant collection of the Dark Lord of the Sith's fi nest Marvel Comics artwork! Darth Vader's grandeur and glory is captured by some of the industry's finest talents, including those that graced Vader's two ongoing series - Salvador Larroca and Giuseppe Camuncoli! And don't forget the many other artists who have depicted the Emperor's ruthless right hand on dozens of awe-inspiring covers, pages and pinups - from Adi Granov to Alex Ross and more! As you gaze in wonder on Marvel's visions of Vader, you are sure to hear the Imperial March in your head. It's a gallery of masterpieces worthy of framing in every room of your house - until you find your lack of wall space disturbing!
20 REMOVABLE POSTERSThe Poster Collection (Insights Poster Collections)Content included:1/ A A Text Art2/ A Beautiful Cosmic Landscape View Cosmos3/ A Composition Of Crows And Skull Animals4/ A Rough Painting Of An Aye Aye But With A Twist Animals5/ A Paintig Of A Dried Fish Head I Found On The Beach Contemporary Art6/ A Painting Of Two Hands Contemporary Art7/ A Vintage Posters8/ A Pop Art9/ A Paris Urban Vintage Paint Europe Old Street Painting Vi Vintage Posters10/ A High Quality Classic Image For Sale Contemporary Art11/ A A Text Art12/ A Beautiful Cosmic Landscape View Cosmos13/ A Composition Of Crows And Skull Animals14/ A Rough Painting Of An Aye Aye But With A Twist Animals15/ A Paintig Of A Dried Fish Head I Found On The Beach Contemporary Art16/ A Painting Of Two Hands Contemporary Art17/ A Vintage Posters18/ A Pop Art19/ A Paris Urban Vintage Paint Europe Old Street Painting Vi Vintage Posters20/ A High Quality Classic Image For Sale Contemporary ArtTAGs: shark sharks whale purple watercolor bond ocean sea mountains trees forest gold indigo blue copper green yellow mother child marine aquatic whales landscape wilderness pod magic wolf wolves dog emo goth creepy weird grunge pastel anime strange trippy indie night starry sky mountain milky way astrophotography rocky panorama beautiful dark star astronomy galaxy cosmos nebula constellation mountainous american america colorado boulder county indian peaks longs lake nighttime scenic view arikaree peak navajo apache shoshoni pawnee roosevelt national james bo insogna summer sunset light travel background outdoor science orange outside sun universe silhouette long shooting natural morning sunrise bight cloud colorful trails meteorite trail hiking shower earth exposure evening hill relaxation falling bridge blur bright clear clouds cloudy colors deep fantastic galactic israel makhtesh movement open pretty ramon scenario scene texture wallpaper white black abstract dusk color twilight glow beauty season style romantic astrology solar satellite technology telescope system outer edgar allan poe edgarallanpoe crow aphorism skull illustrator vector composition horrible artist darkness follow graphicdesign digitalart followme gothicnovel vectorart bestvector artforfun doctor tattoo plague n alternative mask skeleton smoke awesome ink bird human death bones feathers edgy metal isolated horseshoe decoration rough steel horse rose floral western fortune foot iron flower patrick success holiday symbol old elegant luck object talisman metallic good lucky rural invitation golden ornate charm bohemian blacksmith rusty shoe symbolic collie colley collies merle sable tricolour sleeping dogs red boho theodore teddy riders colonel us history spanish war president presidents historian san juan is hell store warishellstore goldlink rapper hip hop soul cmoh moh medal honor united states patriot hero army cavalry military patriotism harry live on tour kissy styles all love kiwi pose carolina ever since new york girl crush chain medicine anna from dining table album pink flowers sweet creature woman sign times sott esny gay vodka blowing kisses kiss two ghosts meet me in hallway lyrics trait fan i study rainbows rings hands suits suit quotes handwriting louis tomlinson lt1 defenceless too young habit kill my mind swords tarot card divination psychic ace coins hand rider waite tree intertwined couple eternal stomach marriage joy road lines pencil oil our people deadly up greeting hello friend indigenous rights aboriginal recognition totem hopeful peoples native justice first australians australian land living unity outcome peacefully a better australia dreaming tribal culture believe hope wishful thinking wonderful treaty heart paris stamp post postage france traveling eiffel tower v
Provides detailed information about the six "Star Wars" films, discussing characters, plotlines, visual effects, merchandise, and video games.

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