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Not him. Not now. Not the hell again.But I need a hero fast...I'm about to go nuclear.Yet I have to smile and pretend I won't slap him into the next century.James Nobel and I have history.The raging hearts, dueling kisses, nights on fire kind.A man like him breaks laws with that suit and that smirk.So how could I ever forget my first?Or pelting an Adonis with crumpled love notes in class?We were young and dumb and lied about forever.Then he disappeared.Maybe I always wanted to know why, but not like this.James, my personal bodyguard.James, my flipping bunkmate in a luxury cabin for newlyweds.James, who still makes me crave one more night of bad decisions.Worse, we're snowed in with my very important father and his enemies.It's a date with chaos. Plus every question I swore I'd never ask again.What if there's more to us than scalding banter and get-bent glares?What if there's still - do I really have to say it - love?From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow - a category five enemies-to-lovers swoon-storm. Watch what happens when irresistible alpha charmer has to fight to win back the woman who got away. Full length romance novel with a Happily Ever After squeal or ten.
I'm SO over that gorgeous, scary, heartbreaking man who hates my guts. I'm just counting on him to save my life. Never, ever fall for your brother's hot older friend. I flunked the test the instant I laid eyes on Landon Strauss. Tall. Ripped. Commanding. Irresistibly alpha. He gave a damn like no one else did. His soul-searing eyes saw me, not just a nerd girl next door. I had my idol, my destiny, and names for our future kids picked. Then I read Landon's little black book. One nosy peek exposed the shock of a lifetime. His confession. His pain. His plan. The sweet boy I loved was gone. Hero-turned-villain-turned-bad-memory overnight. Five years later, an insane slip of fate puts us under the same roof. Sweet closure, I think. I almost forget he hates me. I almost think we'll talk like normal adults. I don't expect the shirtless behemoth who comes barreling through my door. Landon's grown up. All snarls, testosterone, and lethal chemistry. We're in trouble, he says. Oh, Landon. Oh, baby, don't I know it? From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow - a tale of two hearts torn, stomped, and dragged through the mud. An uber-alpha protector bent on reclaiming his nerd next door. Full length romance novel with a Happily Ever After worth a "hell yeah."
SECRET HEIR is the first book of the all new DYNASTY trilogy. A loose adaption of Romeo and Juliet but with a fantastical twist, this saga of feuding Dynasties, forbidden love, betrayal, royal scandals and power struggles for the crown promises to ensnare, captivate and shatter then leave readers clawing for more.
Read this classic romance by USA Today bestselling author Carole Mortimer, now available for the first time in e-book! From scandal…to seduction! Leonie is trying to rebuild her life after a scandal that rocked her world and ruined her reputation. Four years ago she was accused of blackmail and brought to trial for the crime she had not committed. But for which, powerful prosecuting attorney, Giles Noble was convinced she was guilty! Now Giles is back in her life and determined to make Leonie pay for the injustice…in his bed! But feisty virgin Leonie won't be fooled. If Giles wants to bed her, heÕll have to wed her! Originally published in 1981
She might despise me, but I will prove her desire for me is stronger than her hate. And I'm going to enjoy every second of it. For many, a sin is an immoral act. Something they avoid committing. For me, Sin is a place. Club Sin, to be exact. That's where I met an alluring woman named Rose. We had one night together. Identities concealed. Absolute freedom. Until the truth came out about who she really was. Sadie Mitchell, my best friend's little sister, who's despised me since we were kids. Now, we share a secret, and she's hell-bent on keeping it hidden. But I have another secret for her, too. It wasn't just a one-night stand for me, and I'm just as determined to make her mine.
Leo had been alone for a long time. Centuries, to be exact. Having decided to leave his pack behind, Leo set out to start a new life in a small town, employed as the local butcher to satisfy his lion’s want of blood and tearing flesh. Leo couldn’t ask for more in life until he discovered a huntress. Or more like she discovered him when her arrow sunk into the flesh of his shoulder as he traveled home from work one day in his lion form. Pain is all Aislinn has felt for the last week as she tried to recover from the passing of her father. Hunting in the woods has been the only thing to keep the pain at bay, until she discovered Leo in the woods in his lion form. Having never met a shifter before, Aislinn felt guilty for targeting Leo, but was quick to fix his wound. But as Leo left Aislinn alone in the woods, she couldn’t help but follow him home. As Aislinn took the steps to enter Leo’s life, she also took the steps to the rest of her future. The more time Leo and Aislinn spend together, the more they begin to feel connected to one another, but Leo has yet to feel the mate bond spring forth and claim Aislinn as his. Leo soon realizes that he will have to say goodbye to Aislinn since she isn’t his mate in order to save them both from a lifetime of pain. But Leo is having a very hard time saying goodbye, and all for a very good reason. USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this steamy lion shifter novella!

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