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He was the first celebrity chef, the swashbuckling cook who crossed the high seas, on a BBC budget, communicating his love of food to millions of viewers. Make a wonderful dish and have a bloody good time: that was the criteria of Keith Floyd's mission (a mission that lasted several decades). Along the way he inspired a generation of men to get into the kitchen. After starting out in a hotel kitchen in Bristol, he made and lost fortunes, was married four times, and dealt with a level of fame that bemused him. Now, in his honest and revealing memoir, completed just before he died, Keith reflects on the ups and downs of his career. Above all, the much loved, often copied, Keith Floyd whooshes the reader through his adventures, from the hilarious to the downright lunatic. As irrepressible, funny and charming as Keith himself, Stirred But Not Shaken is a must-read for anyone who loves life, food, women . . . and a quick slurp.
Mohit came to Delhi from a small town to make it big. He is quite sorted, with a comfortable place to stay, a well-paying job, and a few friends and loved ones. Despite that, he is quite stirred by the way things happen in the city. When he bags a job in a multinational ad agency, he does not know that getting a job and keeping it are two very different ball games. Natasha is stunningly beautiful and overly ambitious, and their lives get entangled when she falls for him. But is this true love, or is there something more to it? Parvathi helps him and guides him through the maze that the workplace is. A dusky beauty with a free spirit, she feels love is an overrated emotion and all men are the same. When bosses and colleagues toss him around, it will take Mohit a lot more than just friends and love to stay Stirred But Not Shaken.
This is a remarkable story of an everyday person who overcame a debilitating injury, reclaiming her life and dignity in the process. Joyce's life was disrupted by an auto accident, causing traumatic brain injury (TBI). When attempting to recover medical expenses she confronted a legal system taht assaulted her on several levels, accusing her of "milking the insurance industry" while being sexually harassed by her own attorney! Read how her efforts led to the most significant changes in the rules in 25 years for the Georgia State Bar Association. You will learn her character consists of a positive mental attitude, refusal of victim status, faith perseverance, courage, fortitude, creativity, and humor. This is a story of triumph over tragedy, not a dry medical term filled book or a how-to-book. It is extremely inspirational for those with TBI, their loved ones and caregivers. "I knew Joyce Fahl was a winner from the frist day I met her in 1986. Her can-do spirit led her to great success in real estate, and empowers her to covercome the challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury. Joyce is a living example of the power of positive thinking!" US Senator Johnny Isakson, Georgia "I loved it! Our heroine is the victor, despite the villans that abound in "TBI: Shaken, But Not Stirred." By the end of this page turner, she has overcome her challenges, beaten the legal system and broken the sterotypes that come with traumatic brain injury" Suan H. Connors, President/CEO, Brain Injury Association of America
We all feel emotions and are moved to action by them. Religious communities often select and foster certain emotions over others. Without understanding this it is hard to grasp the way groups view the world and each other. Often, it is the underlying emotional pattern of a group rather than its doctrines that either divides it from, or attracts it to, others. These issues, so important in today's world, are explored in this book in a genuinely interdisciplinary way by anthropologists, psychologists, theologians and historians of religion, and in some detailed studies of well and less well known religious traditions from across the world.
The first book in Zachary Klein's acclaimed Matt Jacob series, named a New York Times Notable Book, STILL AMONG THE LIVING introduces the unforgettable private eye in a case that stays with you after you turn the last page. Boston P.I. Matt Jacob has a rude and startling wake up visit from his shrink. Matt has a cloudy past—a freak accident that wiped out most of his family and a P.I. license buried somewhere in his Depression-era, Art Deco-style apartment. He does his best to maintain his self-imposed alienation by watching too much TV and doing too many drugs. But he’s forced to get off the couch when his therapist asks him to investigate a suspicious break-in at her office building. At the same time, his best friend, Simon, a hotshot lawyer, persuades him to follow his wife and find the cause of her hellish nightmares. But what begins as two simple favors soon turns into a fight for his life when the unrelated cases combine to snare Matt into a web of adultery, betrayal, and murder.

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