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Sarah Welch didn't know she had a twin until five years ago, when a string of events led her through the seedy underbelly of Dallas to the family she didn't know she had. Sarah has spent those five years trying to forget what she went through—forget the man who was gunned down, the criminal she helped put behind bars and the cop who saved her life. Now Sarah is in danger once again. And while this time she's able to confide her fears to her twin sister, there's only one person who can truly help her—Daniel Garrett, the cop who never stopped loving her. Working by Daniel's side to stop a killer, Sarah begins to accept Daniel as part of her past. And part of her future…
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag comes this powerful novel of passion, heartbreak, and redemption—a story that celebrates our capacity to love one time, for all time, even in the face of adversity and change. They say that each of us becomes an entirely new person every seven years. But Rebecca Bradshaw doesn’t feel any different when an old lover shows up severely injured at the hospital where she runs the physical therapy department. Seven years ago baseball player Jace Cooper left her without a second thought or the chance to share the life-changing secret she swore she’d keep from him forever. Now he was back, wanting both her help and a second chance. Becca hadn’t changed, and she didn’t believe Jace had either, but as she helped him repair his broken body and his fractured past, she would find she was wrong on both counts. The only thing that had stayed the same was the most important thing of all—and now suddenly time was running out. From the Paperback edition.
Bob Sluys wasn’t fat, never smoked and always got plenty of exercise—yet, in a span of three decades he underwent four separate open heart surgeries. Unprecedented. This wildly entertaining and epic journey 33 years in the making will leave you amazed, moved and certainly laughing as Bob takes on big medicine, faith, McDonald’s, pain, frustration and death itself. If you're looking for Chicken Soup For The Heart Surgery Patient's Soul—you've chosen the wrong book. If you’re a heart surgery patient, then this is your story as well. Facing heart surgery? This is the book your doctor doesn’t want you to read. Want to avoid having heart surgery . . . at ALL COST? Straight From My Heart is a must read.
Former Mr. Universe Bob Paris and topflight model Rod Jackson tell how their marriage catapulted them from physique icons to international spokesmen for gay rights.
From America's beloved storyteller, Barbara Delinsky, comes Straight from the Heart, a classic novel of one lovesick doctor and the woman who makes his heart ache with desire... As the head of cardiology at New Haven Medical Center, Dr. Robert McCrae knows a lot about the human heart. But it's not until he spots Heather Cole's beautiful face at one of his lectures that he realizes how much more he needs to learn. From the moment he sees her, his heart skips a beat—metaphorically speaking—and his pulse rate soars. It turns out that Heather is a local hand-bag designer who's not just playing doctor; she's putting her heart on the line. Rob may be the only one who can help. But first she'll have to trust him—and take a risk on falling in love...
About Straight from the Heart Writing is a gift from God. I thought I would first publish short stories and next a novel. When I was thirteen, I wrote my first poem. When I was seventeen, I had a poetic thought that was not completed until many years later. Straight from the Heart is a collection of poems written over a period of years. I began writing more frequently from 2003 to 2007, a total of fifty-five poems. My daughter made comments on how much she enjoyed them and that I should write more. . Many of these poems are about my daughter and family. These poems come from deep, heartfelt feelings and points of view. This book is poetry at its finest. It is the poetry of love, triumph, journey, and .life. Coming straight from the heart.

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