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Our SBM Exam Room Notes provide condensed summaries of over 100 key SBM topics, based on our careful review of the SBM syllabus, SBM past papers & ICAEW mocks and the topics tested under the similar Business Change paper of the previous ACA syllabus. The 2017 edition of our SBM Exam Room Notes has been fully updated for the 2017 syllabus and we have added several new sections on key syllabus updates such as Brexit, Digital Transformation, new issues relating to Big Data and cyber-security, brands and brand value, corporate governance, the FRC Risk Guidance and working capital management. In response to the recent trend for SBM past papers to test brought forward derivatives knowledge from the Financial Management paper, the 2017 edition of our SBM Exam Room Notes also now includes reminders on how to perform calculations for forwards, futures, options, Interest Rate Swaps, Forward Rate Agreements and Money Market Hedging. All topics are organised alphabetically for very quick reference under time pressure in the examination and include calculations where relevant. We also provide a list of topics organised by scenario (Acquisition, Change, Finance, Growth etc) so that you can quickly find sets of relevant notes. Using our SBM Exam Room Notes will help you avoid a mind blank in the examination and will keep you focused on points that are more likely to score. Each topic area contains "See also" references together with page references to give you additional areas to think about as well as a direct page reference so that you can instantly access the related information. Please note that this book is designed to serve as a reminder of syllabus content that you have already learned - our topic summaries are designed to act as reminders only and you must also invest some time in learning the syllabus content from the official study materials. We strongly recommend that you use the book in several timed practice attempts at SBM past papers or mocks so that you become familiar with how the book works in a realistic examination setting. See for more information on our popular Exam Room Notes series and to download free PDF samples.
Our Advanced Level Financial Reporting Exam Room Notes 2017 provide an alphabetically-organised set of quick reference notes of relevance to both the Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management Advanced Level examinations. We have worked backwards from the model answers to all Advanced Level past papers, mock exams and Question Bank questions to summarise 79 highly examinable financial reporting areas into sets of key mark-scoring points - ideal to prevent you dropping easy marks by forgetting basic points and also helpful when attacking harder parts of the questions. In addition, as it is vital to revise brought forward knowledge from FAR as part of your preparations for the Advanced Level examinations (in many Corporate Reporting examinations, brought forward FAR knowledge is worth at least as many marks as the new Advanced Level FR topics) the book also includes key model answer points from our review of all FAR past papers, mock exams and Question Bank questions to provide useful reminders - examiner feedback is often that the brought forward knowledge of candidates is weak, losing many potentially easy marks. All content is organised in a sensible alphabetical format so that you can very quickly find the content that you need. This organisation is more efficient than organisation by Study Manual chapter and should save you time in finding the information you require - just head to the "D" section for Deferred Tax, rather than having to remember to look in chapter 22 of the Study Manual. The book has been developed by the same authors behind our very successful BPT Exam Room Notes and SBM Exam Room Notes and is based on our trademark style of simple, clear and succinct explanations of syllabus content. Like all our publications, our Advanced Level Financial Reporting Exam Room Notes 2017 is available with free UK delivery and is fully covered by Amazon's returns policy. Important notice: this set of Exam Room Notes has been designed as a quick reference resource to remind you of content that you should already have studied in detail based on the ICAEW Study Manual and your tuition provider's notes. You must already have studied the Advanced Level syllabus in detail before using this book - the book is in no way designed to replace the Study Manual as a learning resource and if you have invested insufficient time in learning the syllabus content then our Exam Room Notes will not be comprehensible or useful as the book only provides reminders regarding material you must already have studied.
Smashing SBM is based around the same approach as our successful and best-selling Cracking Case book: practical, student-focused and simple advice on what to do to pass an unusual examination in which time management and examination technique are the key to success. This new 2018 edition has been fully updated for the new syllabus and the learning points raised by the 2017 examinations. Given the relatively low number of questions in each SBM examination (just 2) and the very open nature of the requirements, it is vital that you have a way of determining which areas are important and which issues are going to attract fewer marks. Smashing SBM sets out an effective planning methodology (which we call MAPs) that helps you predict the mark allocation of sub-parts of a question and allocate your time effectively. Our MAPs give direction to your answer by providing reminders on how to assess the likely mark allocation whilst also reminding you of key things to do in Q1 and Q2, based on our review of examiner comments. Smashing SBM also contains detailed reviews of the 8 real examination papers set to date with a view to understanding patterns in the question format and content, as well as the mark allocation. Smashing SBM includes detailed revision of key financial management and business strategy topics, as assessed in the real examination papers and ICAEW SBM mock exams. We have also included selected questions from our Business Strategy and Financial Management Q&A books to help you revise these areas very quickly. The book also contains detailed notes on the Specialist Audit & Assurance topics which are examinable at the Advanced Level. Our revision notes focus on areas other than statutory audit as we know that around 10% of the marks will be for these specialised areas such as internal audit, Agreed Upon Procedures, review of prospective information and so on. Smashing SBM contains detailed revision of ethics, including various ethical frameworks, to help you achieve the 5-10% of marks available for ethics in SBM. Smashing SBM is designed to pair up with its sister publication, SBM Exam Room Notes 2018, which provides clear, alphabetically-referenced sets of notes on all key SBM topics to provide exam room reminders of mark-scoring points - perfect for avoiding exam room panic! Full chapter listing of Smashing SBM: PART ONE - How to Plan 1. Introduction: This Book and Why We Wrote It 2. Overview of Smashing SBM(TM): Chapter by Chapter 3. The Nature of the Examination and the Examination Paper 4. SBM, Case Study and the 4 Case Skills "Lenses" Translated 5. Need Direction? Use a MAP! 6. The Correct SBM Writing Style 7. Analysis of the SBM Past Papers 8. Useful Points from the Examiners' Comments on the Past Papers PART TWO - Scenario and Technical Content 9. The Mini-Case Study: What To Do and What Not To Do 10. Specialist Audit & Assurance Topics: Summary 11. Corporate Governance: Revision Notes and Examination Analysis 12. Assurance and Related Services: Revision Notes and Examination Analysis 13. Environmental and Social Audits and Assurance: Revision Notes and Examination Analysis 14. Internal Audit: Revision Notes and Examination Analysis 15. Practical Business Advisory: Revision of Key Topics 16. Revision of Key Business Strategy and Financial Management Topics 17. Ethics: Revision and Application to SBM 18. Comments from the ICAEW Tutor Conferences 19. Summary of VITAL Magazine Article on SBM 20. Advice for Exam Day APPENDICES App 1 MAP for SBM Q1 App 2 MAP for SBM Q2 App 3 Example Completed MAPs: November 2014 Examination Paper App 4 Sample Pages from ACA Simplified SBM Exam Room Notes App 5 SBM ICAEW Revision Resources: Some Important Points to Note
ACCA Approved and valid for Sept 2018, Dec 2018, Mar 2019 and June 2019 exams - Becker's Study Text has been approved and quality assured by ACCA's examining team and includes: ACCA Syllabus and Study Guide and approach to examining the syllabus, Focus on learning outcomes, Visual overviews, illustrations and exhibits, Examples with solutions, Definitions of terms, Exam advice and key points, Commentaries, Session summaries, end-of-session quizzes and a bank of questions (question practice for every topic, model answers and tutorial notes). Becker's SBL Study Text will introduce students to the world of a senior executive, providing all the models, tools and techniques needed to become an inspirational business leader. Comprehensive syllabus coverage is brought to life with real-world examples, commentary and exam advice. Our SBL content is authored by our lead tutors in business strategy (a team of subject matter experts, each with more than 15 years classroom experience).
ACCA Approved and valid for exams from 01 Sept 2017 up to 30 June 2018 - Becker's F5 Performance Management Revision Question Bank has been approved and quality assured by the ACCA's examining team.
ACCA Approved and valid for exams from 01 Sept 2017 up to 30 June 2018 - Becker's P5 Advanced Performance Management Revision Question Bank has been approved and quality assured by the ACCA's examining team.
ACCA Approved and valid for exams from 01 Sept 2017 up to 30 June 2018 - Becker's P3 Business Analysis Revision Question Bank has been approved and quality assured by the ACCA's examining team.

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