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Describes strategies teachers can use to promote reading comprehension in students from kindergarten through eighth grade; and includes examples of student work, illustrations, and other reference tools.
Discusses how writing can improve student's reasoning skills.
The go-to book for including ALL learners in educational success! Teaching students with diverse needs require educators to employ empathy, responsiveness, and patience. This book has long been the indispensable resource for K-12 teachers as they confidently form lesson plans and strategies for inclusion. In this new edition, Toby J. Karten’s data-driven methods are updated with the latest research and policy developments. The book’s content includes: Updated information on ADA, IDEA, writing IEPs, transitional services, classifications, RTI, metacognitive strategies, and links to the Common Core Tips for working with families and making them an integral part of the inclusive team An overview of special education legislative terminology Interactive online forms for planning, documentation, and collaboration
This reader-friendly guide describes adolescent development and provides strategies for creating an inclusive secondary classroom, including differentiation, brain-based learning, universal design, and more.
This is a must-have resource for educators committed to meeting the needs of their struggling students in Grades 3-6. Teachers get a whole toolbox filled with research-based, easy to implement RTI interventions that really work! Get strategies in five core areas — plus correlations to the Common Core State Standards and effective scaffolding tips for English language learners! Listening Strategies help students understand academic language. Reading Strategies help students comprehend text structures. Math Strategies help students understand algebra fundamentals. Speaking Strategies help students engage in structured group discussions. Writing Strategies help students compose informational and opinion-based pieces.
The mechanics of taking & defending depositions are simple, but to avoid mistakes you must be thoroughly familiar with the applicable rules. Small or inadvertent mistakes can cost money & time & prevent the use of valuable deposition testimony on behalf of your client. The authors help you master the critical deposition skills you need to compete in the courtroom. The revised second edition incorporates the 2000 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which focus on the scope of discovery, the length of depositions & what is required by the mandatory disclosures.
You have a daily to-do list consisting of several dozen items. You're always busy, but you never really feel productive. You know what you need to get done, but you can't figure out where to start. You routinely agree to help others with their tasks but can't make headway with your own work. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever felt (or been told) that you have a time management problem, award-winning educator PJ Caposey has a revelation to share: you probably don’t. Sure, you may struggle to meet deadlines or stay on top of your myriad responsibilities as an educator, but these aren’t signs that you can’t manage time—they’re symptoms of underlying issues you may never have noticed or thought to address. In Manage Your Time or Time Will Manage You, Caposey identifies eight root causes of “time management difficulties” and provides treatment in the form of advice, support, and coping techniques for teachers and leaders who are * Work Avoidant * People Pleasers * Prisoners of the Moment * Checklist Dependent * Disorganized * Technology Avoidant * Self-Servers * Perpetually Imbalanced Time management is a complex and personal issue best addressed through deep self-reflection or caring and thoughtful coaching. This book offers a blueprint for both. It will help you better understand yourself and the behaviors of those you work with or lead, promoting more productive teaching and leadership—and greater peace of mind.

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