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This book present proven strategies to enhance learning and reduce wasted study time in any learning situation.
Study Smart. Study Less. Sports, extracurricular activities, your job, hangin' with friends—you have a life! You simply don't have time to spend hours studying every day! Improving Your Study Skills helps you really get cracking when you do crack the books. It helps you cram a lot of learning into a little time with tips on: Using technology to study and work more efficiently Organizing your time and space Note-taking and organization Strengthening your reading skills Choosing classes strategically Getting the typical "10% of your grade" for class participation Using the library and other resources efficiently Writing papers—from choosing the theme to proofing Studying for tests and overcoming the jitters Strategies for taking various types of tests Whether you're in high school or college—an average student, an honors student, or barely getting by—Improving Your Study Skills will help you up your grades without giving up your life. With Improving Your Study Skills, CliffsNotes—the resource that helps millions get to and through college—now helps you study smart and study less.
A succinct guide for high-school students outlines creative, reward-based techniques for making study time less cumbersome and more productive, offering insight into discerning one's "study personality" to identify unproductive habits, create optimal learning environments and enhance memory. Original.
Be Smart Study Less, Success Come From Good Thinking (Don't Have to be a genius to do it)Always Remember (Study Less Study Smart)
From pulling all-nighters to memorizing rote facts, today's students have shown that they have no organized, logical, or sequential understanding of how to study or prepare for tests. Test Taking Strategies & Study Skills for the Utterly Confused arms students of all ages with the skills they need to pass their tests with flying colors. The perfect guide for all the major standardized tests, including SAT, GMAT, Series 7, LSAT, MCAT, and more, this skillbuilding resource shows students, career changers, and business professionals how to make the most of their study time, how to deal with study and test panic, and how to take tests with optimal confidence and success.
Sixteen units contain over 85 sequential reproducible lessons employing real-life examples from school and home.
Introduces techniques for raising your grades.
How can parents motivate their children to study hard, without becoming “tiger parents”? How can students prepare well for exams? How can bullying be minimized? Why doesn’t multitasking work? What are the ways to manage plagiarism, cheating, and other shortcuts to learning? Bestselling author Queena N. Lee-Chua addresses these questions and other topics chosen from her popular column “Eureka!” in the Learning section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Part of Anvil’s Learning series, this volume includes more than thirty learning issues for parents, students, and teachers.
Uses the story of Babette, who wants to become a rock star's personal fashion designer, to introduce such study skills as time management, note taking, getting the most from one's reading, doing well on tests, and other techniques.
Readers can teach older students the reading and study skills they need for efficient and effective learning of all subjects. The book features 150 reproducible activities that teach and reinforce skills. Sections include Developing Reading Skills, Developing Study Skills, Locating Information Skills, and Presenting Information Through Graphic Arts.
Want to turn failure into success? This book is the key! Attending school, but not liking it? Studying hard, yet scoring low? Reading lessons and still confused? Schooling need not be a tedious struggle-not any more! "Give me a lever long enough and I will move the world" said Archimedes. The book is the lever that conquers the anxiety of parents, the helplessness of teachers and the frustration of students. The pages are strewn with gems of well-researched theories and practices to guide students to succeed. This is the friendly guide which takes you on a tour of the mind of the student. Each chapter offers a set of keys to open doors and unleash the powers of the mind.
Offers advice on building a profitable home business, providing tips on starting small companies, buying and selling anything at a profit, and saving money for retirement
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