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Pregnancy and childbirth are often depicted as a time of sickness and mood swings for women followed by twelve to twenty hours of pain and hard labor. Many women have been told they can never conceive. Others have suffered the pain of conceiving and miscarrying. Have you had enough of this picture? Supernatural Childbirth is a practical and realistic look at God's promises for conception, pregnancy and delivery. This is not "pie-in-the-sky"-This is a personal testimony of how one couple overcame defeat and triumphed in God's plan! Jackie Mize had been told she could never have children. However, by unlocking powerful truths and dynamic faith principles she and her husband Terry found in the Bible, they now have four miracle children! This exciting book shares with you these truths and faith principles. You will learn these things: * How to put faith principles into action for your very own supernatural childbirth * How you can be a living example of God's promises in action * How to deal with fear during pregnancy and delivery * How and when to use your faith for pregnancy and delivery Also included in Supernatural Childbirth: * Faith-inspiring testimonies from women who have followed these principles and experienced their own supernatural childbirth * Confessions and prayers for a supernatural conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and all circumstances surrounding each stage * A powerful teaching section by Terry Mize explaining the curse on Eve in the Garden of Eden
Filled with powerful and intimate scriptural prayers, this little book gives readers a way to come before God in faith with childbearing issues, from having a difficult time getting pregnant to joyfully cradling a baby in their arms.
It's time to dispel the myths about childbirth.It's time to get back to God's original intention for his children.It's time to unveil Satan's tactics so that you can overcome them.Sarita will help you with all of this in Giving Birth to Miracles: Manifesting Supernatural Childbirth. She gives candid yet powerful real-life advice and godly wisdom based on a biblical foundation to help women in this generation. "God's intention is for you to be fruitful and multiply. Complications during conception, pregnancy and delivery was NEVER in his plan."-Sarita A. FoxworthIn this work Sarita will show you how to use the examples of women in the bible to encourage your faith and follow in the example God gives in order to manifest. She walks you through praying over your womb, blessing your seed, obtaining physical healing and living a lifestyle of worship to access the promise. Her words are filled with power, truth and love. "Believers of Jesus Christ should manifest on high levels. We should live supernatural lives because we serve a supernatural God."-Sarita A. Foxworth
This book provides an introduction to the sociological study of midwifery. The readings have been selected to highlight the interplay between midwifery and medicine, reflecting the medicalization of childbirth. It highlights the major themes in both a historical and a current context, as well as western and non-western societies. Two major themes underlie the organization of this book: that the conception of midwifery must be broadened to encompass a sociological perspective; and that the ongoing trend toward the medicalization of midwifery is crucial to an understanding of the historical, current, and future status of midwifery. By medicalization of childbirth and midwifery the author mean the increasing tendency for women to prefer a hospital delivery to a home delivery, the increasing trend toward the use of technology and clinical intervention in childbirth, and the determination of medical practitioners to confine the role played by midwives in pregnancy and childbirth, if any, to a purely subordinate one.
A woman born with a congenital birth defect that left her arms unusable, discusses finding hope and self-worth through her relationship with God.
In this widely-praised study, Carol Laderman provides a vivid picture of the daily life of rural Malays as she focuses on their dietary practices and the ritual and medical aspects of childbirth procedures. Apprenticed to a village midwife and a local shaman, she was able to observe a traditional culture adapting to modern practices.
One freezing July night, the cold, hard, truth hit author Shayne Hammond like a freight train: no one was coming to his rescue. It was then that he realized that he already had the power to change his life. Until that point, Shaynes story had been one of frustration after frustration, as hopes and dreams were taken from him again and again. His school years were chaotic. His family moved frequently, and the constant change quickly manifested itself in stress, aggression, and average grades. The son of a professional boxer, he asked his father to train him. But success as a student fighter did not immediately translate to success in the professional ring. His body and ego battered, Shayne stepped back from another dream, defeated, worn out, exhausted, and dejected. Looking for a fresh start to change his luck, he began a lifelong search for a career outside of the ring. Each venture started off with great excitement and potential, but eventually old patterns emerged. Not one to give up, Shayne dedicated himself to education, reading voraciously, digging deep within the Scriptures and other books. All it took to turn his life around was a little faith in himself. And on one fateful, frigid night, the epiphany he prayed for happened. In that moment of clarity, he understood the mystery of his successes and his failures. He thinks they may be the answers to your mysteries as well. Are you ready to take control of your destiny too?
Becoming a Mother While Losing My Own is an amazing testimony of Gods grace. Claudia Parker takes us through her life with riveting accounts of pain, rejection and scandal. After she accepts Christ her capricious relationship with her mother is reconciled. Their bond is strengthened when she finds out shes expecting her first child. Unfortunately, she learns that her mother may not live long enough for them to meet. Becoming a Mother While Losing My Own is a story of resilience. Its a story of faith and the human spirit triumphing over adversity. You will witness how Gods mercy gave a woman a chance to create a family life vastly different than the one she grew up in. If you want to be inspired this is the book to read.
Overzicht van geboortengebruiken bij inheemse volkeren in Afrika, Azië en Latijns Amerika, verdeeld in prenatale periode, de bevallingsfase, waarin aandacht voor de verschillende houdingen, waarin vrouwen kinderen baren, de postpartum en postnatale periode, waarin aandacht voor de verzorging van de baby, de borstvoeding, het doorsnijden van de navelstreng, de slaaphouding, de behandeling van ziekten, en de praktijk van de inheemse vroedvrouwen. Bevat een woordenlijst van termen, die in de verschillende landen gebruikt worden voor het woord 'verloskundige' of 'vroedvrouw'.
‘Bless and Curse Not’ The tongue is a powerful tool, which can be used for either good or evil. We are today who we said we were yesterday and we will be tomorrow who we say we are today. This book is about the Power of the Tongue - Reversing the Curse - Building a better Business - Supernatural Childbirth - Hung by the Tongue - Positive and Negative effects of Self-Talk - The Curse Causeless - Building a Physical Church in Partnership with God.
Presenting the labour and birthing experience in a different light; helping aspiring mothers believe for a super fast, pain-free labour and birth experience through having a word-based mindset and the spoken word proclamations.

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