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Written with passion for anyone interested in seeing an end to the illegal trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn, this book shows how, by working together, people all over the world who care about these animals are gradually bringing about change for the better. It takes an overview of how the current situation came to pass by exploring poaching and its devastating consequences and the pivotal role of organized crime. The discussion of how matters are starting to improve covers the investigation and monitoring of ivory markets, sustainable uses and the key role of local communities.Enforcement of the law is vital in this story. Enter the enforcers, the technology they use to defeat the poachers and the evidence they require to prosecute offenders. Cases, some deeply shocking, are included, as well as a number of fascinating case studies, while the exploits of organized crime gangs make lively, as well as disturbing reading. Throughout the message is clear. We can and must save these animals from extinction.
As the dominant species on earth, human beings have become victims of their own success. By virtue of our growing needs and numbers we have displaced all other life forms and are a threat to our own survival. Realizing that only man can stop man, governments and the United Nations have pursued a secret depopulation plan that is seven decades in the making and is the hidden and complementary side of the international community's globalization effort. Policy makers are waging war on human fertility through chemical and biological weapons to halt population growth and are eroding national sovereignty through monetary and economic coercion to eradicate poverty and human suffering. The object is to find peace with ourselves and harmony with nature. The cost is the scientific obliteration of billions of lives. The salvation is our enlightenment through the OM Principles.
Discusses the past and present social, economic, and technological problems of suburbia in relation to the decline of the cities

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