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Originally knit as underwear, the sweater is a practical garment with homely beginnings and has evolved as a fashion statement. This book traces the sweater's 300-year history as an aesthetic and craft object, telling the story of its materials and construction, national traditions, fads and fashion, and accessories. Learn about the panoply of yarns, Nordic patterns, buttons, vintage collars, runway designs, manufacturing, and today's explorations of form, structure, and material. No matter how far we have come technologically, there is something fundamental in the art of hand craft. This book expertly guides readers full circle through the inception of the hand knit to the advancement of technology and back to knitting with natural fibers.
Moses George married Annie Page in about 1775 in Newburyport, Massachusetts. They had ten known children. He died 2 December 1803. His widow and children moved to Alexandria, New York. Descendants and relatives lived mainly in New York.
A list of over 200 books and audio cassettes that are derived from family stories. Includes enrichment activities and projects to encourage children to discover more about their own families.
Notebook Planner Teach Black History Sweater Teacher Gift Melanin Proud. This is a Paperback Design And This Funny Notebook Is A Great Giraffe Gift For Women, Girls, Kids, Toddler, journal, And Animal Lovers. It makes a great Christmas Gift, back to school holiday, graduation, beginning of the school year gift forfamily, friends, your mother, sister, girlfriend, cat loving girl, boy, children
Find out what we wore and why we wore it in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing in American History-Twentieth Century to the Present. This fascinating reference set provides two levels of information: descriptions of styles of clothes that Americans have worn and, as important, why they wore those types of clothes. With volume one covering 1900-1949 and volume two covering 1950 to the present, the first half of each volume provides four chapters that each examine the impact that political and cultural events, arts and entertainment, daily life, and family structures have on fashion. The second half of each volume describes the important and everyday fashion and styles of the period, decade by decade, for women, men, and children. The set also includes helpful timelines; resource guides listing web sites, videos, and print publications; an extensive glossary; and illustrations.
Provides a convenient and unique look at fashion and costume literature and how it has developed historically. Discusses subjects from jeans to wedding dresses.
A documentary history of Anglo-Jewry which explores the immigrant experience and its impact on the position and structure of the community in the 19th and 20th centuries. Coverage includes the institutions of Anglo-Jewry, the Jewish Quarter, employment, po

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