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The host of PBS's Longevity Tai Chi and leading Western Tai Chi master Arthur Rosenfeld offers a groundbreaking guide to the myriad mental and physical benefits of this ancient martial art, including easing chronic pain and illness, dealing with stress, and resolving conflicts more easily. Are you looking to develop your mind as well as your body? look no further than tai chi.
#1 New Release in Biology of Reptiles & Amphibians ─ Explore the Bond Between Humans and Animals Be a part of it─2020 is Designated “Year of the Turtle” by Zoological and Conservation Organizations. Turtle Planet is a work of philosophical fact and fiction by ordained Daoist Monk Yun Rou. This beautifully written work of thought deeply explores the bond between humans and animals―the wisdom they teach us, the wounds they can heal, and the role we play in their destruction. A Daoist focus on personal cultivation, environmental conservation, and political and social justice. Daoist Monk Yun Rou received his academic education at Yale, Cornell, and the University of California and was ordained a Daoist monk at the Chun Yang (Pure Yang) Taoist Temple in Guangzhou, China. Drawing on fifty years of loving and husbanding turtles, from the car-sized giant Leatherback turtle to the Central Asian tortoise, Monk Yun Rou sounds the alarm of what climate change, global extinction, human intervention, and environmental devastation really mean to their worlds and to ours. See the world through the eyes of turtles. Turtle Planet renders the wonders and suffering of the natural world through the eyes of eighteen exotic turtles. An informational glossary and description of each turtle at the end of the book is provided as a bonus gift to readers. If you have read and learned from books such as H is for Hawk, The Soul of an Octopus, or Ishmael; you will be moved by Turtle Planet, a must for any reader who loves nature, cherishes animals, and celebrates ideas.
This book provides a comprehensive guide for anyone who is interested in learning Tai Chi for the purposes of improving their general health, recuperating from surgery, recovering from an injury, managing chronic illness, or restoring their sense of balance. Tai Chi has been demonstrated to improve overall health, diminish recovery time from surgery or injury, retard the progress of degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease, enhance balance, and reduce the incidence of falls in older adults. The specific instructions provided in this book will help the reader to in their practice of Tai Chi and are designed for a range of individuals. The first section of this book presents a relatively easy-to-learn Tai Chi form called the Simplified 24 Form, This is the most widely practiced Tai Chi form in the world today and is practiced by millions of Tai Chi enthusiasts worldwide. For those individuals who are recovering from injury or surgery, or who are managing a chronic, degenerative disease, this book also offers a very basic Tai Chi form developed by Dr. Paul Lam, a world-famous Tai Chi teacher and medical doctor, called the Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Form. This book also includes a simple, eight posture Tai Chi form that can be practiced while seated. Chair Tai Chi is the perfect exercise format for individuals who are unable to stand for long periods or who are confined to a wheel chair. As a supplement, this book also includes a series of simple, easy to perform exercises that are intended to increase leg strength and improve one's overall sense of balance. These exercises are based upon the YMCA's Moving for Better Balance(TM) program and can be practiced by anyone who is able to stand upright, even if they must hold onto a chair or a walker.
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As believed, Tai Chi can increase the flow of energy thus increasing the strength and promoting the serenity and harmony in every system of the body. It’s the meditative and calming aspect of Tai Chi that makes the movements useful in every aspect that can reduce or otherwise eliminate anxiety and stress forming inside the body. It was confirmed by those who underwent sessions of Tai Chi that it really works for personal well-being.
The ancient Chinese art of relaxed and natural mental and physical exercise is presented through step-by-step photographs and instructions.
"Bruce Frantzis' comprehensive guide reveals why tai chi is effective at helping millions improve their health, relieve stress and reverse the effects of aging, and helps advanced students upgrade their practice and beginners choose the appropriate stylea

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