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Take Me To Truth is the first book to present a practical guide to the six stages involved in shedding our distorted ego perception. It explains why our search for real happiness has eluded us and how to perceive the Love for which we all yearn so deeply. As Gary Renard says in the Foreword... despite the thousands of things we may appear to have to choose from in this world, there are really only two things, and only one of them is real. The ego is not. Take me to Truth heralds the next crucial step in the pursuit of evolutionary consciousness.
“We have known each other through all of eternity. The Beloved is connected to all of us through our inner heart. So how can we be strangers when we know each other so intimately.” Have you ever looked into the eye of love? I was walking in a crowded street with my friend. Suddenly, everyone coming in the opposite direction started greeting him. I thought, “How could this happen? There is no way everyone knows him!” I started writing this book out of this curiosity. In the end, I also looked into the eye of love and became acquainted with our Beloved. This book is based on a true story and only the names are changed. It is written in the loving memory of our beloved Haci Ahmet Kayhan Dede, the Yunus Emre of our century.
What Happens When You Let God is Nick Arandes' fascinating journey of undoing his own ego as he not only fully explains and simplifies A Course in Miracles, but also shares how he applies what the Course teaches to his everyday life. Nick has taught spiritual and success principles for over twenty years. He has published four books, produced CDs and DVDs, written countless articles, and touched the lives of many people worldwide, before becoming homeless, broke, and diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. Although you could say that this is Nick's fifth book, according to him this is actually his first because he shares his personal experience about what happens when someone places their life in the hands of God. In Nick's own words, "Although the journey is simple, it is not easy. For we are asked to surrender everything we think we know, in order to let the truth reveal itself through us. That's why it is said, 'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' [John 8:32]""What Happens When You Let God by Nick Arandes gives the reader a guide to a practical use of the teachings of ACIM. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to live life more happily and easily." Gary Renard, Bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality"This is a wonderfully down to earth sharing of the lived wisdom of A Course in Miracles. Nick is a teacher and student of the Course who really walks his talk and it shows! We highly recommend this to anyone." -Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira, Authors of "Take Me To Truth, Undoing the Ego"
JOURNEY TO TRUTH A GUIDE TO METAPHYSICAL EVOLUTION painting by Alexey Steele Truth exists as an independent energy in the universe. It is not subject to interpretation. It is pure and from the Source. Truth energy is the greatest power in your life: it can appear instantly from the metaphysical dimension and reorder everything in your world. Align with this high-frequency energy and become transformed inside every cell in your body. Quantum Science brings a new understanding to the twenty-first century. In this book, find out how to attract, recognize and experience the energy of Truth. Learn what recent scientific discoveries confirm about your connection to the energies that shape the world. Integrate this pure Truth energy into your life and evolve to a new understanding of the metaphysical universe.
When Emma O'Reilly joined the US Postal cycling team in 1996, she could have had no idea how she would become a central figure in the biggest doping scandal in sporting history. Yet when Lance Armstrong, starting his comeback from cancer, signed for US Postal, it was Emma, the only woman on the team, who became his personal soigneur. This is the definitive inside story of that time, and of the enormous repercussions that resonate to this day for Emma, Lance and the whole sport. Emma had the strength to break cycling's omerta by speaking out against the culture of doping. She thought she would be one of many whistleblowers, doing what she believed was right. Isolated and shunned by the sport she loved, however, her reputation was systematically destroyed. And yet she had the courage to bounce back, and remarkably, to forgive those who made her existence a living hell. This is the ultimate memoir of truth and its many consequences.

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