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The early twenty-first century is the time for the churches to take seriously a holistic form of evangelism, an approach of accompanying and helping searchers become engrafted into the Christian community. This task is urgent since no longer is western culture supportive of faith forming. Furthermore, evangelism that just explains Christianity is clearly not enough. Ê An interactive process is needed that involves inquirers and congregation members proceeding with participants' questions and concerns in a supportive group context. Accessing gospel stories in an intuitive method the process entails rich spiritual encounters and leads to participating in the Easter event and Baptism (dying and rising) as the heart of belief and commitment. Ê This practice of initiation into faith is often called the Easter Journey. Parallels with the fourth century are sketched since the Church at that time was also on the cusp of being the established religion of society and was keen to hold a distinctive witness in the empire. Likewise, in our times, evolving Christian social witness needs to be a focus of any evangelistic/formational process. Ê The experience of the author in the Australian context provides the background of this book. His conviction is that as congregations accompany inquirers they become strongly oriented in discipleship. Welcoming people into the community of faith in this edge-centre dynamic, gives rise to fresh directions of Christian life. Six such directions are explored.
With a light touch and practical information, Kitch helps parents and Christian educators explore how the Baptismal Covenant helps shape the experience of raising children. What are you promising when you baptize your child? Why are “please” and “thank yo
Electra's finally taking the plunge. After all, her friend Lucy did it in France, Sorrel thought she had but hadn't after all, and Claudia, who's done it loads of times, has bet Electra she won't. She will, though. She's going to go out with the first boy who asks her. But what if he turns out to be a frog and not a prince?
Welcome to Tales of the City. San Francisco 1976: a golden city of freedom, adventure and possibility. But, as naïve small-town girl Mary Ann finds out, it can be hard to find your place in a strange new city - especially when the supermarket is a pick up joint and a Jockey Shorts dance contest can make or break a relationship. Luckily for Mary Ann, she finds the perfect home at 28 Barbary Lane where the dysfunctional residents form an unconventional family of waifs and strays. Mona the cynic, Michael 'Mouse' Tolliver the romantic looking for love and DeDe the jaded debutante, all watched over by the eccentric and mysterious Anna Madrigal. Get addicted to these characters in six short, funny and heartbreaking episodes. Episode 1: Taking the Plunge Newly arrived from the Midwest, Mary Ann Singleton finds refuge at 28 Barbary Lane. Mona warns Mrs Madrigal about her naive new tenant and DeDe gets jealous.
Wild swimming changes lives. The thrill of plunging--or dipping a toe--into open water brings joy, confidence, adventure, and friendship. It can wash away stress and sadness, pain and grief. Here water is a great healer, a place to feel gloriously, elementally alive and in touch with yourself, with others, and with nature. Full of life-affirming personal stories and breath-taking images of scenery and swimmers, Taking the Plunge celebrates the remarkable wild swimming community. Now you too can immerse yourself in its energy, courage, and irresistible joie de vivre! With practical advice on how wild swimming works and how to get started--from what you'll need (a swimsuit and a smile!) to where best to go (rivers, oceans, lochs, lakes . . .)--there's never been a better time to take the plunge.

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