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I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries, and very frankly give them fruit for their songs.' Joseph Addison This pocket-sized miscellany, packed with fascinating facts, handy hints and captivating stories and quotes from the world of birds, is perfect for anyone who knows the incomparable joy of birdwatching.
Mark Avery and Keith Betton, passionate birdwatchers and conservationists, interview members of the birdwatching community about the lives of famous birdwatchers. They take you behind the scenes, and behind the binoculars, of a diverse range of birding and wildlife personalities.
Devoted to birds and wildlife since childhood, Mark’s early scientific research at Oxford, Aberdeen and the RSPB provided a solid background for his management, ambassadorial, and political lobbying activities which were to follow – and his larger than life, yet quietly humane personality has provided the final tools in his own, unique, nature conservationists’ toolbox. In this book, Mark mixes a great many stories from his professional life at the RSPB with personal anecdotes and passionate arguments on past and present issues in bird and nature conservation. He shows us something of the many scientists whose work paves the way for conservation action, places domestic conservation into an international context, takes us behind the scenes to glimpse the politicians who have worked with him, or against him, along the way. Mark leaves us armed with practical tips and a guiding philosophy to take wildlife conservation though the troubled years that lie ahead. A personal, philosophical and political history of 25 years of bird conservation, this book provides an instructive and amusing read for all those who would like a glimpse into the birds and wildlife conservation world – what the issues are, what must be done, how it can be done, and the challenges, highs and lows involved.
Stuart Winter's Tales of a Tabloid Twitcher earned many plaudits in 2010, as the birder journalist who brought the subjects of birdwatching and conservation to millions of red-top readers over a period of more than a decade shared some of his most captivating 'scoops'. This second installment of tales follows a similar format and covers stories from around the world. Each of the 20 or so chapters covers a range of tales and issues at a rapid pace, and is accompanied by a series of amusing line drawings. Once again there are stories of sin and scandal mixed with serious messages about bird conservation and the environment. Thanks to Stuart's role as news editor on a national newspaper the title is guaranteed to be heavily promoted to a wide audience of interested readers of his 'Birdman' column among the Sunday Express's weekly readership of 600,000 people, as well as in the birding and wildlife magazines for which he regularly contributes.
Epic of black comedy about the embattled life of Avram Blok, eternal dissident, troublemaker and malcontent, who leaves the embattled Middle East but finds the U.K and U.S.A. no less perilous. Third in the Blok trilogy.
Omslagondertit.: the definitive, up-to-the-minute A-Z directory of 9,000 films. - Geannot. filmogr. - Met ind. o.a. op thema. - Ook aanwezig: ed. by John Pym. - 4e ed. - 1995. - VIII, 999 p. - ISBN 0-14-024676-2. - Ook aanwezig: 8e ed. - Rev. and Expanded. - 1999. - 1390 p.- ISBN 0-140-28365-X. - Ook aanwezig: 10th ed. 2002 : revised and expanded. - 2001. - 1538 p. - ISBN 0-140-29395-7.
A long out-of-print classic returns at last.

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