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A fascinating history of life as a London docker.
Do you remember the docks? In its heyday, the Port of London was the biggest in the world. It was a sprawling network of quays, wharves, canals and basins, providing employment for over 100,000 people. From the dockworker to the prostitute, the Romans to the Republic of the Isle of Dogs, London’s docklands have always been a key part of the city. But it wasn’t to last. They might have recovered from the devastating bombing raids of the Second World War – but it was the advent of the container ships, too big to fit down the Thames, that would sound the final death knell. Over 150,000 men lost their jobs, whole industries disappeared, and the docks gradually turned to wasteland. In London’s Docklands: A History of the Lost Quarter, best-selling historian Fiona Rule ensures that, though the docklands may be all but gone, they will not be forgotten.
First published in 1959. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Henry T. Bradford brings to life his experiences working the London Docklands with inspirational tales of friendship to shocking, debilitating injuries endured during his time as a docker.In this poignant memoir, Henry T. Bradford gives an unrivalled portrayal of life in Britain in the years following the war, from detailing the devastating consequences of having fought for one's country to the camaraderie and escapades of his fellow colleagues.The humorous and heartwarming tales give a rare insight into the lives of dockers, culminating in a greater understanding of the industry and of the author's strong motivation to ensure the safety and welfare of the dock workers.Men of the River is a powerful and moving account of one man's quest to change the lives of countless others. Bradford is a force to be reckoned with as his determination to implement change in the industry is evident in this inspirational account of succeeding against all odds.
Military history.
Humphreys covers London's latest bars and clubs, the hottest neighborhoods, and the newest trends, as well as a thousand years of colorful history and culture. 42 maps. of color maps.
Since the mid-1980s, telecommunications and information technologies (IT) have become more intensely bound up than ever before in the social, economic, political and cultural processes and transformations which are increasingly concentrated in and between key strategic urban places across the globe. By analysing telecommunications developments in Paris and London, this book offers an explicit comparative and cross-national approach to the development of urban telecommunications infrastructures and to the development of global cities through a focus on these crucial infrastructures. engagement with the most relevant and recent debates and theories in urban studies, geography and planning. By examining differing, but parallel influences of national, urban and local contexts, processes and practices bound up in telecommunications developments, the book firmly underlines the inherently territorial basis of these developments and their multi-scalar elements and implications, all of which are being reinforced by the current stringent strategic retrenching of telecommunications operations around the globe.

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