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The game of football has lots of odd language hidden in its history. Why is a field called a “gridiron?” Why are players called “quarterback” and “fullback?” Getting in the game can be intimidating if you don’t know the lingo, which is why this book is full of football terms and their origins. From the difference between a safety—the player—and a safety—a scoring play—to some of the weirder quirks of the rules, full-color photographs and graphic organizers show readers everything they need to watch this exciting sport as an informed fan.
An award-winning ESPN producer offers ninety-nine tips for women who want to become more knowledgeable and conversant about the charms of sports, discussing arcane sports nomenclature, explaining pool sheets, offering sports anecdotes, and more. Original.
Bitsy is thrilled when she moves from crowded New York City to colorful Austin, Texas, and even more thrilled when she sees handsome Billy Joe riding his horse to school.
In soccer's first linguistic odyssey, Peter Seddon explores how words came about to describe football kit, boots, and balls; playing techniques, foul play, girl talk, and team terminology; and the language of commentators and footie mags, to list just a few examples. This is the definitive guide to soccer's history and culture in its widest sense, and the book's nostalgic and often humorous approach encapsulates Britain's two greatest exports—the English language and soccer. Whether you're a football fanatic, armchair enthusiast, or wordsmith, learning "footie-speak" has never been easier.
Top collegiate coaches offer advice on conditioning, offensive and defensive formations, passing, kicking, player motivation, and safety
Revealing hilarious bloopers and critical, split-second calls, a top NFL referee candidly recalls officiating at some of the Big Ten's and NFL's most historic and controversial games, including two Super Bowls
Look past their helmets, pads, and uniforms, and you'll find a big surprise -- a thriving, growing faith in Christ. Dave Branon profiles more than a dozen NFL Christian football players, including Reggie White, Trent Dilfer, and Junior Seau. Learn how these men came to Christ, and how they serve God, not only on the field but also in the game of life.

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